Most time people keep asking if Facebook was the only sharing site that generate traffic most but well yes but with the help of others you can gain more.

This is the generally asked question of new bloggers , so here are the list which you can use to boost your content and generate leads, sales or traffic to the website.


  1. facebook.com
  2. voat.co
  3. imgur.com
  4. reddit.com
  5. boredpanda.com
  6. itsmypart.com
  7. stumbleupon.com
  8. medium.com
  9. quora.com
  10. playbuzz.com
  11. livejournal.com
  12. ehow.com
  13. squidoo.com
  14. scoopwhoop.com
  15. chime.in
  16. newsvine.com
  17. visual.ly/view
  18. plus.google.com (Google+ Communities)
  19. pinterest.com (Pinterest’s active community makes this a great place to build traffic.)
  20. triberr.com

Hope the list was helpful if you have any contribution feel free to drop it below.