Adding Twitter Follow button to Blogspot Blog

Adding Twitter Follow button to Blogspot Blog

If you want your blog visitors to follow you using this wonderful widget and and you don't know how to add it to your HTML code just use this method of adding twitter follow button to blogspot blog without much stress.

Step 1
Login to your blogger account using your username and password then select your preferred blog.

Step 2
Now scroll your mouse down to the layout tab and click on it.

Step 3
Now click on the add gadget link then select html/javascript from the list of different gadgets.

Step 4
Copy this code and paste it inside your html/javascript box.


<a href="http://twitter.com/@mathiasamodu" class="twitter-follow-button">Follow @mathiasamodu</a>
<script src="http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Step 5
Then click on the save button below and that's all. your visitors can follow you easily.