How to center align Adsense Ad in Blogger

How to center align Adsense Ad in Blogger

With the new adsense policy most people don't place ads below fold again and presently we haven't seen any problem of ads not showing up but do you really think this ads will be OK to be placed above your blog header?

Most times when I visit some blogs i notice that the adsense are not well placed or it might be at the left or right but today i want to teach you how to center align adsense ad in blogger with out much stress...

Just follow the steps below carefully.

Step 1
First you need to Log in to your blogger dashboard

Step 2
Now go to "Layout" and click the "edit" link of the Adsense widget you want to align...

Step 3
Copy the widget ID from the URL...

Step 4
Then Go to "Template" > "Customize" > "Advanced" > "Add CSS". Click on it.


Step 5
A box will appear by the right hand side. Copy and paste the code below in it.


#Adsense4 {

Use this code for more than one ads

#Adsense4, #HTML10 {

Step 6
Click "Apply to Blog" by the top right hand corner.



 If your template is not working well with the Template,

Go to "Template" > "Edit HTML" and paste the code directly above the


And that's all you need.... Happy blogging...


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  3. It works perfectly. In case you are using default mobile template and the ads you centered is not showing, check to see how to place adsense ads just below post title on mibile view