How To Change Blog Url And Re-apply For Adsense On Blogspot

The Google adsense has become one of the main source of earning to some bloggers because of the trust other users have testify about them.

But do you really think you can't make money online with google adsense? Hmmm  I started blogging without adsense money so what's the big deal.....
Just note one man food is another man poison 😀.

So today am going to give you a little tutorial on how to change blog url and re-apply for adsense on blogspot without much stress.


Step 1
First you need to login to your Blogger Dashboard and then select your preferred blog.

Step 2
Move your mouse down to setting and click on the basic option.

Step 3
Now you will see blog address. Just click edit link below  it.

Step 4
Insert your preferred or any available blog url and click save.


Step 5
Now go back to the earnings section and perform the adsense application.


  • It is been done when you have been disapproved 

  • When performing  this tutorial you will loss visitors and also make sure you inform your visitors about the recent change.
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