How To Check If National ID Card Is Ready For Collection In Nigeria

The Federal Government of Nigeria has made it through it agent [ The National Identity Management Commission ] to make sure every citizen of Nigeria pass through this enrollment and to prevent unlawful immigrants from entering Nigeria without this ID card or from you own country.


What Is National Id Card
A national identity card is a portable document typically a plasticized card with digital embedded information that each citizen or resident in a country is issuesed and require to carry as a means of confirming their identity.

The national identity management commission  has created a simple way for everyone who participated in the enrollment to get his/her permanent or plastic ID card using a unique portal to check if it is ready for dispatch.

Checking your card availability status only requires less…..


  • Internet connection ( Not less than 10mb)
  • Your full name ( First & last name)
  • The last six digits of your ID number (10738******)
  • Internet knowledge  (😀)

Note: we the zealmat team are not staff nor agent of the  national identity management commission but we tend to help the upcoming generation for easy access and less stress.

So today i have created a simple step on how to check your card availability status and also if your card is ready you will be notify as soon as you finish this steps below.

Step 1
First you need to visit this link >>


Step 2
Scroll down to the button that says “Click to proceed” and click it once

This will take you to the place where you can get access to a form to fill your enrollment details

Step 3
Now fill in your details into the form like your “First name” › “Last name” and your “Last six ID card number”


Step 4
Finally click on the button below “CHECK NOW” and your ID card status will be displayed for you.


As you can see this card is not yet ready so that is the notification message

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