How to Design Guest Post Author Profile On Blogger

How to Design Guest Post Author Profile On Blogger

During the week we got series of questions from our blog readers on how to add this wonderful and stylish guest author profile design to your blog guest post and it was really great to see that our team took a decision on the creation of this wonderful post.


The importance

  • It increase the rate of guest post submission 

  • And it makes your blog readers feel comfortable

Just follow the steps below

Step 1
Login to your blogger dashboard and then select your preferred blog which you are being invited to write as an author or if as an admin.

Step 2
Now click on "New Post" tab which is located at the  top left corner of your blog admin panel.

Step 3
Then on your "Post Editor Page" create your post or paste the guest which you want to publish.

Step 4
Click on the "HTML" button next to the "Compose" button above.

Step 5
Move you arrow to the first line and then press the enter button 3-5 times

Step 6
Copy this code below and paste it on space  you created using the enter key

<div class="mbw-author-box">
<img alt="author-pic" height="90" src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-YemRoNFjoxo/Vr-qdT0k91I/AAAAAAAAA2A/Hm2ZBVDDphE/h120/IMG-20160213-WA0004.jpg" width="85" /> <strong>About author</strong><br />Mathias amodu is a professional blogger,hoping to help you and your business</div>

Change this

⬛ = Author Image size

⬛ = Author image link

⬛ = Little description about Author

⬛ = Heading for author description

Step 7
Click on the "Publish" button and that's all you need.

Happy blogging....


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  3. But My problem is, How can get the image URL if i have the image in my phone
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    1. Hello ikechukwu joshua it very easy just create a new post and then upload the image then click on the HTML tab and copy the image link

    2. thanks for your reply. Really enjoying your tutorials

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