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How to do Social Bookmarking


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Social Bookmarking still have affective with major search engine its an old method, now days google increase fast ranking in article and guest posting only and social bookmarking is still have affective for major search engine for backlinks but slow ranking improv.

Now days google increase fast ranking in article and guest posting only and social bookmarking is still have affective for major search engine for backlinks but slow ranking improve.
Do you know why google decrease ranking from social bookmarking now days? because alot softwares are ready to do 1000 social bookmarking per day automatically, so google ignore that backlinks, if you do 50 bookmarking with high pr in 3 days so its look like manually work google give some affect and increase ranking, fast ranking only increase on article and guest posting.


Step 1
Go to social bookmarking network like or you can search more listings of social bookmarking networks from Google.

Step 2
Register on social bookmarking network. and activate your email like you do for your facebook account some networks direct login so they don't need activation some ask for activation.

Step 3
After registration you login on social bookmarking network.

Step 4
After logged in you click on submit button when you go in submit page they ask url write your website on url tab then click next.

Step 5
After click next they ask title , desc, tags you need to write keyword on title in Capital letters, and description you need to write paragraph with 50 words about your website in description, and tags in tags tab you need to write keyword on this with short letters as you written on title with capital letter.

Step 6
After you fill all tabs you need to write captcha code, in captcha code you need to write same words with up side of tab you see picture after you done captcha code click on submit button.

Step 7
After you click on submit button you will go direct in to home page of social bookmarking network you need to write in find box your website title which you submitted recently, or you can click on Upcoming tab or News tab after submitting your site.

Step 8
After you see your site submitted on social bookmarking network click on discuss or comment on your recently submitted site.

Step 9
After you go on discuss or comment page of your submitted site then copy browsers url and paste in to excel or word document.

Step 10
Your first social bookmark done with successfully now you close window of you first done social bookmarking open second network and do social bookmark same way as you see on my thread.

For targeted traffic, it's always good to have your links where it matters. Social bookmarking aint one of them. Choose your campaign well, and with the new rules, avoid spamming as much as possible.
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