How To Watch 3D Movies At Home On Laptop

How To Watch 3D Movies At Home On Laptop

To watch 3D movie on your laptop, you need 3D movie you wish to watch, 3D glasses and your laptop and you are ready to go! Now you will ask from where can I get these 3D glasses man. Sit back, Relax and Read the full article for solution on to watch 3d movies on PC without any problem.

How To Watch 3D Movies At Home On PC. ?

Arranging 3D Glasses To Watch 3D Movies.

Step 1:- Buy 3D Glasses Online.

As we all know without 3D glasses its not possible to see 3D effects. So you can buy 3D glasses online which are very cost effective. Following are the links for 3D glasses on different Online shopping Websites.

Buy 3D glasses on Amazon


Step 2:- Arrange 3D Glasses From Local Market.

For those who are not in a position to order online due any circumstance. They can also buy 3D glasses locally. Just go to any optical shop and ask him to give you red shade for left eye and blue shade for right eye from sunglasses available with him. Some of the points you should keep in mind while buying 3D glasses

Choose a lighter shade of blue. i.e. the blue color should be more of a blend with a Cyan shade.
Red should be deep and should necessarily be red – not brown/orange.
Darkness level of both sides should not mismatch. Both sides should allow equal amount of light.
3d glasses

How To Watch 3D Movies At Home On PC.

After purchasing 3D glasses. Now you need a software that plays a 3D movie.  Normal media players for pc may or may not support this functionality. So its better to go KM player which is capable to play 3D movies on PC. It is easy to use and similar like other media players. So here are few steps you need to follow.

First Of Download KM player which available at free of cost.

After downloading, Simply install KM Player on your device. Then icon will be visible on desktop.
Open the movie you wish to view in 3D in KM Player.
Once movie starts to play in KM Player, You will see a 3D button as you can see in image below on bottom left corner of the software.
KM Player UI

Just click on 3D button while your video is playing and as soon as you click on 3D button and now you can watch 3D movies.
Other Players To Watch 3D Movies At Home.

There are many more players available to watch 3D movies on PC. In case you will face any issue while using KM player. Then go for another which is best for 3d movies.  5kplayer is another great choice. User Interface of 5KPlayer is very user friendly. Just play your 3D movie and enjoy watching 3D movie.


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