Top 6 Websites To Buy Expired Domains

Top 6 Websites To Buy Expired Domains

The domain name is that part of the Uniform Resource Locator(URL) that tells a domain name server using the domain name system (DNS) whether and where to forward a request for a Web page. The domain name is mapped to an IP address (which represents a physical point on the Internet).

What is domain name?

The part of a network address which identifies it as belonging to a particular domain.

Acquiring a good domain name is the best way to success but the good reason why most people would like to get an expired domain name is because of the domain authority, backlinks and many others.

List of top websites were you can buy expired domains at affordable  price.

Flippa Domain Auctions


Filppa is known generally for buy and selling.you can buy and sell domain easily in good price and trusted.

Where entrepreneurs come to buy & sell domains. Your destination to buy a domain, list your domain names for sale or ask the crowd to value your domains.

You can also purchase - Websites, Mobile Apps.


Another one that deserves a mention is Name.com This USA located company carries in the world of domain registration.


Dropping.com is one such website that brings expired domain names with beautiful classification of buyers. Yes, this website prompts you to specify whether you want a domain as a Domain Investor, SEO/SEM expert or a Website Owner.Top Websites To Buy Expired Domains.


 For domaining or for your business needs, get the best aftermarket domain names for sale today!

NameJet made it easy for users to submit their domain names for auction on their platform. ... being the lack of a user interface for sellers to observe their auctions and payment status.


SnapNames.com is the largest Domain Name Auction marketplace. Buy Domains even if they are already registered or expired

NameCheap Domains

Buy domains from the Namecheap Marketplace. Find interesting domains at good prices or negotiate a price with them

Things to put into consideration before buying any expired domain name

  • The domain age
  • Links from Edu and Gov sites
  • Choosing high quality expired domains
  • Google Page Rank
  • Higher MOZ domain authority
  • The Google index
  • Domain trust flow
  • Check Google Adsense Ban 
  • Get a good domain name related to your niche

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