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Top Five Link/Url Shortener


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My name is Prince Odafe, Owner and founder of ODAFEBLOG

Am a Young Tech blogger, my passion it to share my knowledge on How to make Money online and Tips & tricks on Pc, Andriod etc..

There are webpage URLs that can be overly long at times, especially when the URL points to some dynamic data. Therefore, lots of people and organizations came up with the idea of URL shorteners that can help turn a long URL into a short one.



Technically, no actual conversion is being done. The URL shortener simply stores the long URL and maps it to a short one that it has just generated so that whenever anyone visits the short URL, it picks up the long URL that was mapped to the short URL and then redirects the visitor to the long URL. This kind of approach also gives the shortener website the ability to gather some data and be able to answer the following questions.

  1. How many times has the link been clicked?
  2. Where was the link clicked?
  3. How many people clicked the link per hour, per day and so on?
  4. What is the geographical location/distribution of those that clicked the link?

There are lots of URL shorteners out there, but the ones I regard as the Top five (strictly my own opinion) and I have used some before, they include,


You can simply go to any of these sites and type in your long URL to generate a short URL and you can also track statistics of clicks on the short links as well.
There are however other URL shorteners that are specialized and is only used by some big websites for their services only. That is, they do not make it available for public use. They include;

Depending on your needs though, URL shorteners can be very useful even if it is just to track clicks and other statistics about a link, a URL shortener can be very useful.
If you know of any other URL shortener, please, drop them in the comments section
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Top Five Link/Url Shortener

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