How to Delete a Post on Blogspot

This tutorial is very easy but I still believe most beginners find it difficult to perform because learning is a gradual process.

Recovering a deleted blog post is different from this because this method enables you do some little changes on what kind of post you want to keep on your platform.


Step 1
Log in to your Blogger account and click the name of the blog you want to edit.

Step 2
Click “Posts” or “Pages” from the left menu. This will take you to a list of post or page entries currently on your blog.


Step 3
Hover your mouse cursor over the name of the entry you want to delete. Text links will appear under the entry name.

Step 4
Finally Click the “Delete” link and then click “OK” to delete your entry.


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Make sure you use this tutorial wisely and make sure you mark or select those posts you will love to delete before clicking the delete tab.
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  1. Oops nice one. I will try this out.

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