The first step to making money with Instagram is getting people to follow you. Unless you have — at the very minimum — a few thousand followers, it’s going to be difficult to convince any brands to sponsor your posts.Hashtags are more than just an opportunity to be clever; in fact, they’re an important marketing tool. Adding relevant hashtags to your photos allows you to be found by users interested in the type of content you post.

This must be the subtlest and the noblest way to earn money from Instagram. Instagram is founded on the idea that people who has a handheld camera has something interesting within them, and sharing them to a community of the same interest would bring better and even profitable results.

If you love photography (not only doing ‘selfies’), then try Instagram. Bring your skills of composition, exposure, and retouching to the surface. Most of all, let the people know you got the skill—a skill wherein effects end up being ‘accidents.’ If you can capture great shots, people will contact you to take good shots of their products, all using Instagram.

Here are some ways to make money from Instagram

1. License Sell your Instagram photos with foap
One selling point is quite famous photo foap. You can register yourself for free, create a portfolio to build buyer confidence, and look at the "Missions" to find potential buyers. This technique is probably the easiest way to do, because you do not need a lot of followers to sell your instagram photos. All photos will be priced around $ 10, but 50% of sales will be taken by foap.

2. Can the Commission to Sell Other Products
Selling other people's products is one quick and easy way to earn money from Instagram. One application that allows this is Peerfly. You need to start with a sales promotion is to copy its URL and put it at the bio Instagram. When other users click the URL, you will get a commission if they buy something.

3. Use Multi-Level Marketing to build a network marketing
Many online sellers who start a business via Instagram only. Selling products with this MLM scheme will help develop a business, so the more you buy, the more extensive retailer network. Disadvantages of this method is that most MLM requires you to invest some money to buy "initial package". Advantages of this way is that you will continue to be assisted superiors to build its own network.

4. Use your instagram account as advertising Publisher
If you are one of those people who have tens of thousands of followers and can get like easily, maybe you can try to obtain sponsorship from a company that will pay you to promote their products. You can contact the marketing division of the company in question.

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Posting clickable links on comments are not enabled on Instagram. Also you can put only one link in your Instagram profile. So, when you publish new post with new link to product in profile, the previous post loses its link. That means that your visitors can buy only the last item in your affiliate program.
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