How To Set Up A WordPress Blog using Whogohost

WordPress site on Whogohost is  the best and has been  a little bit confusing to some people but the main  issue with the WordPress platform is that much funding is required unlike blogger with free host. WordPress has good and wonderful plugins for your business and many other things like creation of forums and many more.Whogohost allows you build your WordPress site without much issues and it has a well organised installation process whogohost is on of the best web hosting company in Nigeria and with our research we found out that whogohost has being giving it customer adequate support during installing of WordPress or integration of domain to any blogger blog.

Buying domain or hosting your WordPress blog on whogohost is one of the best thing i ever had when i started blogging and no issues.

A Domain name is unique name used to identify a website or any other information reserved on the internet. It is used to identify you or your business on the internet. It is what appears in the address bar when visiting a website.

Step 1

First you need to visit  whogohost website


Step 2

Enter your domain name(the name of your website) and click  register domain.


Step 3

Select your preferred transaction currency either Nigerian naira (NGN) or United States dollar (USD) –

Step 4

Insert your domain name and choose an extension  .com .com. ng  .org. info and many more.

Step 5

Then Click on ‘No hosting, click to add’ to add a host for your domain name. You need to host the domain name so you would be able to login and input data in the website perfectly

Step 6

If you are a Beginners you can select (1GB) and upgrade when ever they like. Click ‘order now’

Step 7

Select your preferred billing cycle >> select ‘checkout’

Step 8

Input the details and your domain name owner  details

Step 9

Make sure you accept the terms and conditions before you proceed. Click on ‘complete order’.

Step 10

Your payment details would come up. All you need to do is copy them out, make your payment.

You would receive an email with details about your new blog when the payments have been confirmed.


How to Install a Script Using Softaculous

Softaculous is a great addition to cPanel for all our shared hosting account users, which allows users to install the great open source software in just a few clicks. In the example below, we will install WordPress which is a popular blogging application. You can, however, choose from several scripts to install using Softaculous.
  1. Click on the Softaculous Icon in the Softaculous section.
  2. The Softaculous Panel will open on your end. On the left side, you will find different categories. Every category includes many scripts. The WordPress application is under the first category – Blogs. To see all applications in a category click the little grey arrow which is next to the category. The category will expand displaying the available apps. To install WordPress click on the name of the application. You will see the page below:
  3. The script details will appear and you will be able to check the ratings, reviews and even access a demo of the application. Click on the Install link which is right next to the Overview button.On the new page, you need to fill in the installation details – domain name, installation directory, administrative login details, etc. By default, Softaculous will select wp and it will attempt to install the application in a sub-folder instead of the main domain. If you want the new installation to be on the main domain please leave the In Directory field blank. We also strongly advise you to change the default login details admin/admin to something else. This way you will be sure that a hacker cannot guess the login credentials. Please double check all details and then proceed to the next step.
  4. To install the script scroll down to the end of the page and click the Install button. Usually, installing an application may take about 45-60 seconds. However, some of the apps are bigger and their installation may need some more time.


Step 1

After you have purchased your domain name and hosting package you will get access to  ‘cpanel’.
This link to this cpanel will be given in the email sent to you along with you cpanel username and password.
Step 2
Click on the cpanel link and type in your username and password given to you in your email.
Step 3 
Log in, scroll down until you see the WordPress logo (under scripts) and click on it.

Step 4

Now click ‘install’ and you should see the software setup area.

Step 5

Now Fill in your Site name, site description, admin user name, admin password, admin email, choose a preferred language and don’t forget to insert your email so your installation details would be sent to you. Finally click ‘install’.

Step 6

After the installation is done it would give you a confirmation screening showing you your unique WordPress login URL that would look like this:

http://new wp-admin

Step 7

Copy this and write down your username and password. The URL is where you go when you want to write posts or edit your new WordPress blog
Happy  blogging

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  • Thank u for this, but what if I already have WordPress installed and registering on whogohost after building my blog, will the cpanel recognise my already built site? ??? Thanks again

  • Thanks for this wonderful share, although your picture is too big, try formatting it. once again thanks

  • I have been thinking of hosting my free WordPress blog with a reliable Nigeria web hosting. I find this very helpful, thanks a lot.

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