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I would have loved to extend this to all writers round the world but
it’s unfortunate i only focused on bloggers, nevertheless you as a non
blogger still have your ball to catch.

Sometimes when you pick up your writing materials to write a new blog
post,you became stalked on what to write about.

Blogging has an inspiration which drives in the caption of every new
blog post and updates and until you learn to write original articles
the blog writing inspiration go remotely.

Writing a blog post starts from choosing a topic or headline, and
choosing a headline requires a good knowledge of the audience you
cater for as a blogger.


Each time you visits zeamatblog your expectation is based on his niche
and each time you visits other sites like Facebook you know what you
are in for.

Choosing a blog topic as a professional blogger or a blogger who is
aspiring great height will not only be based on pleasing the audience
but also pleasing search engines such as Google.

You might have heard a lot about keyword research. Its only function
is to show you words that are not common on search engines so as to
write for them and also rank for them. it is good using keyword
research tools as a blogger especially when your blogging niche
requires a whole lot of writing.

Though there are bloggers who naturally can write to rank on Google
even without using keywords research tools in which am a living
witness. I do write even without keywords research but sometimes when
I go to search for keyword I wrote for i always rank for them because
they are rare to Google but common to search.

Ideas for choosing a blog topic

Using myself as a case study and a roll model, for instance, each time
I write about gmail i still want to write about gmail I.e i pick my
topic at random let say today’s blog post was “how to create a gmail
account” my next topic may probably be gmail security and application
or what ever surrounding that same gmail.

When choosing a blog topic it will be a best idea to go for a very low
competitive topic but useful to the audience in your niche so as to
rank for it.

I was brainstorming this morning on what to write, a topic struck my
mind which is “how to comment on Google play store”.Looking at
this topic it is a very rich topic to rank for since people are likely
to search for it exactly this same way. after choosing the headline I
went to Google and type the headline to see who will be my competitor
so as to know the strategies to apply when writing about the topic. to
my greatest surprise such a lucrative long tail headline have no
competitor so what do you expect me to do leave it to go, never I have
to write about it with immediate effect.

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There are also some headlines you think of and inside these headlines
there may likely be other headlines worth ranking for and you won’t
like to mob up a whole lot of headlines in one headline. for instance
when I taught of writing this headline “when all writing inspirations
are gone” another lucrative headline that struck my mind was “blog
writing inspirations” looking at this two headlines they are worth
ranking for since there is no competition for them.

Since It won’t be advisable choosing the two headline to be one,with
bellow strategy you can still rank for both of them. all you have to
do is choose one headline out of the two then inside your post embed
the other ones either like ordinary sentence or even a subheading.

looking at my 3rd paragraph you will see that the underline words is
the alternative headline but since I can’t use two headline for a post
i squeeze out a space for that headline which is a long tail keyword
worth ranking for but rare in search engines. if you want to proof
that you can type that on Google to see it yourself.

The internet is wide so also the rate of competition increase everyday
and there are whole lot of things to write which no one has ever
written about before. i know most of you at this junction will have
some doubt on how possible it is sorting out things no one has
written about before.writing what no one has writing before will only
make you a genius in your blogging niche and it will make your blog
rank high since Google not only like original articles but love them.

Being Able to write what no one have writing you must write from your
experience. in most cases there are difficulties you face in some
certain areas,you searched everywhere including the internet for the
solution but could no avail. but on the long run you were able to make
a solution by yourself, did you ever think if you write how you got
your solution people who will be in the same shoe like you were won’t
find help? and this will probably be a wonderful article to do well
on search engines since there are no competition.

To write what no one has never written, write from your experience and
not from other peoples experience. I have written a lot about what no
one has written before and am always proud of myself as living
testimony and a roll model. even this post you are reading right now
is an evidence.

Now that you have found a lucrative headline to write about?

in most cases when you found a good post to write about you still find
it difficult to write. you are scared people who will read your post
are expert and beside your writing skills are poor..

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I still stand on the fact that there is no single page on the internet
without an error. provided you can write a message that people can
read and understand irrespective of your your grammars you can still
find residence in the internet. If you write from errors you will
only write for errors.
when writing as a new and beginner writer
don’t put your errors into consideration at first but only try your
best to make a readable and comprehensive information. I won’t write
in detail on how to write a blog post but I would only touch that
since I have written a lot about that on my blog.

Inserting keywords into your blog post

Before I proceed to this headline let me give you some tips on how to
write a killer blog post.

==>choose a topic

==>make research about the topic

==>combine the information you gathered

==>Add additional keys to the information with the knowledge derived

==>Breakdown your post into headings and subheadings

==>write about the topic as though you are an expert even when you are not

==>Read your write-ups and edit before publishing to the audience

==>After publishing review your post to make sure you have a point.

Even if you choose a topic that everyone knows as a general topic
always try to add more value to it to make it different from your
competitors.e.g if they all wrote about “how to kill a rat “
don’t only write the same but write “what is a rat”, where rats are
found, history of rats , and others things you think people who are in
need of the topic might be in need of before arriving at ” how to kill
a rat” with this you will stand out from the mod of competitors.

lest I forget the proposed subheading , inserting keywords on your
post is something technical but very easy to those who have learnt.

After making research on the keyword to use in your next post, always
try your best to make the less competitive keywords into sentence
that will fit your blog post. and if you think there are more
keywords to use you can insert them in your description area for
those who use blogspot platform

To insert description in bloggers platform when writing your blog
post look to the other side were you have label,permalink,you will see
description kindly click on description and insert the remaining and
valuable keywords.

Long keywords are likely to rank higher than short keyword and single
keywords may not rank for you a new blogger since the competition is
high.You won’t to type money on Google and see your new site
rank first what about all the great sites that have been existing on
net for ages where will you put them.? don’t go for short keywords go
for long ones.

Optimising your posts and images

It is necessary to write for Google but I won’t advice you as a new
blogger to focus on Google since the tricks behind Google needs to be
learnt. use other traffic source such as social media for a beginning
while you learn Googles strategies along. in a short while you will be
an expert and you can now implement the required strategies you have

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Google is mysterious therefore you might be penalized for a wrong

Am not going to write at lent concerning Google and its strategies but
with the little i will write beginners will find there way to the
solution ground.

Image optimisation

Images can also rank on Google since Google made a provision for that.
the most important thing to note about images are : the image
alternative text,the image size and the image quality and name. give
your image a or title name that fit your blog post.

Inserting alt to images

let assume your image goes like this Solution When All my Writing Inspirations are Gone 13 to add image alternative you can make it
this way

==>kennedy inspirational writer

With this you have added a worth ranking descriptive
keywords to your image.

Using quality and original images can do you good.

I would have loved to teach you how to create self owned original
images without using any application or software. but I think this
post will be too lengthy so I will preserve that for another day.

optimising your blog post

Copy and paste is a bad idea this is why I have put out my time to
teach you how to write. always go for original and lengthy articles of
at least 400 words and above it is not advisable to write bellow this.

When writing interlink your old blog posts and use the required tags
like bold,h1,h2 to h6 ,italic ,underline etc when necessary.
Irrelevant and broken links are dangerous and can harm your ranking.

Things to NOTE

==>Google won’t notice you at initial stage so don’t think your
implemented works are vain with time you will begin to do better than
expected in Google search engine.

==>Never be over ambitious about Google traffic but rather try to
follow carefully googles policies that can help your ranking.

==>If you cannot love your blog post neither will your readers love it too.

==>Try to write a solution finding post for this will add value to
your blog. bla bla bla bla.

Before i draw my conclusion let me show you some tools that will help
you do even better when writing a blog post.

one of the best free online tool to check your grammar
errors,misspellings and punctuation errs.

===> This
is a keyword research tool that will help you in case you want to
research the keywords for your next post. it is free and reliable.

===>Word counter With this
tool you can know the count of your words and characters after typing
a blog post. it is free and easy to use. you can also download the apk
app for easy access . word

This tool is a topic generator which can allow you to generate generic
blog topics to be your next blog post in case you are confused about
choosing topics.

Conclusion all thank to Mathias Amodu who has allotted me the
opportunity to write on his blog and to all fans who devote their time
to read this post. It will be a pleasure to hear your own side of this
post .over to you!.

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    When i went through this write up, i was like "I thought am the only one always thinking in this angle", naughty me So man, this write up is very commendable.

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