What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

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I  usually  ask  this  kind  of  question from  my  colleagues  who  are successful  in  their  business  today, but they  never  give  a  good reply/answer to  this  question.  I’m  always  fed  up with  their  past stories,  but  I  think working  towards  your  mission  and vision  and having  the  faith  that  you
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I’m  a Sanguine,  and  the  people who  act  like  a  sanguine  are  always determined,  if  you  tell  me that there’s money there’s  money  there  I  will surely  go  there  without  thinking  of the  risk  behind  it;  Moreover,  going into  a  business  is  even  a risk,  but that’s  a  sanguine  for  you. I  usually get  what  I’m  lacking  of   or  what  I need  because  I’m  always  expecting  a better  result from  such.  Since  none  of my  colleagues  never  give  a  better answer  to  my  question,  I  decided  to go  to  my  lecturer’s  house one  day and  asked  this  question  from  him. He really  explained perfectly  on  this question  but  he  let  me  to  know  that being  an entrepreneur  is  more  than getting  a  job  or  pursuing  a  career;  it is  a  lifetime  affair.  He said  ‘before going  into  business,  an  entrepreneur should  know  what  he actually  want in  life  and where  to  get  it’.  He  must be  action  oriented  and  ready  to   accept  failure  as  a  learning experience.  Also,  he  must  be  able  to address  these  questions  about  his personal  philosophy  of  life:

A)     Why  do  I  want  to  be  an  entrepreneur?

B)     what  is  my  main  purpose  of  being  alive?

C)     What  so  I  really  want  to  achieve  out  of  life?

D)     Can  having  my  own  business  help  me  to  achieve  this?

E)     What  in  particular  gives  me  excitement  about  owning  a  business?

F)     What  kind  of  business  do  I  want  to  do?

G)     Will  I  be  able  to  face  the  risk(s)  involved?

H)     What  are  those  things  that  are  likely  to  work  to  my  advantage?

I)     What  are  the  things  that  are  likely  to  work  against  me?

J)     How  do  I  overcome  them?

K)     What  are  the  costs  and  benefits  involved  in  this  business?

L)     Where  do  I  really  want  to  do  business?

Think  perfectly  on  how  to  answer this  questions  because  you are  still young  and  supposed  to  be  on  a journey  of  becoming  a successful entrepreneur  today.

That’s  it!.


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