9 Email Etiquettes Every Professional Must Follow!

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My Name is Mathias Amodu, a passionate blogger with full interest in making the world a better place for upcoming webmasters in the society at large
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It is just a breeze to be able to use emails to convey information. Or so it should be. It seems some businesses are still having a hard time trying to grasp the concept.


Not to say we blame them since there are so many messages to go through in the inbox. Replying to each and every one of those messages could take quite the toll on our sanity.
Unless you want to risk stuffing your emails with spelling errors and flaws, you must hit the brakes and think about your next step.

There are ways to make your business communication more efficient with proper emailing. But in order to do that, you must follow a couple of rules. They are your only savior and they’re right here in this article.

1.    Use a Professional Email Address
Typically, users only need to use their personal email address. Though the risks associated with this can be plenty. Freelancers should be careful with this.
But if you work for a renowned company, you should have the courtesy of using the email address they give you. Always use an email address that contains your name.
It is so that the recipient on the other end knows it’s you. Never make use of email addresses that shows you in a bad light.
Vulgar and inappropriate email ids, such as drunkguy@… or Iamhot@…, or anything else as such is a big turn-off for the recipients.

2.    Use Humor Only When It Is Called For
It is acceptable to add some humor to your emails once in a while. But those are usually in a few cases where you actually know the recipient well.
To tell you the truth, it would be best not to tickle funny bones of your recipients. You are working for a company and as such you have to be professional.

3.    Be Sure To Use a Simple and Precise Subject Line
You don’t have to flood your subject line with clutter as it makes the body of your email pretty pointless.
Just use simple lines like “Team Meeting”, “Business Proposal” or “Product Development” to give your recipient an idea for the purpose of the mail.
Subject lines have to be concise and to the point. This is what makes a professional email different from a junk mail.

4.    Put in a Signature Block
When you email your reader, you have to use a signature block to show yourself as a professional employee of a company.
After you have finished with the body and the salutations, be sure to put in your full name, job title, company name and contact information in the last line.
You can also add a few accolades to give it a human touch, but don’t overdo it. Be sure to use the same font style, color and type size as the rest of the email.

5.    Know That There Are People From Different Cultures
If you think you can interact with each of your readers in the same manner, you are sadly mistaken. When it comes to email writing, there are certain cultural norms that you must take into account or you will rub somebody up the wrong way.
For example, there are some cultures like the Chinese and the Arab that wish to know you first before proceeding to any formal conversation.
Thus the businessmen from such countries may take a more personal approach to writing. But some cultures like American or German prefer to get to the point on the fly.
Therefore, it would be nice to do a little background check on their cultural manners before sending them a mail.

6.    Even If They Weren’t Intended For You, Reply To Your Emails
It seems a kind of contradiction to the first point. But in the end, you have to stay professional. An unintended email does not always warrant a reply, but it makes you come across professional if you do so.
Here’s how you should reply: “Please pardon my inconvenience, but I don’t think this mail was intended for me.”
Just remember, it never hurts to help.

7.    Always Check the Intended Recipient of the Mail Twice
Emailing is a really delicate task that requires your utmost attention. It would be embarrassing to know that your mail ended up somewhere else.
That is why you should always double-check the name of the recipient to whom it is intended for. Imagine yourself sending a thank you note for a barbecue dinner to your boss that was intended for your colleague.
I hope you would never want to get caught in such embarrassing situation.

8.    Always Check Spelling and Grammar Errors
When it comes to professional email writing, the proofreading is your best tool. Regardless of the length of your email, you must check it twice for grammar and spelling error.
While a spell-checker does come to your rescue for removing such errors, it sometimes tricks you. Therefore, it is far better to trust your eyes than any such tool as a slight mistake will show you unprofessional and unreliable.

9.    Don’t Overlook Your Tone
Just as you get carried away with your humor; you can also lose control of your tone in an email, especially when it is too long.
While you may write it in a humorous frame of mind, it might come across as offensive to your recipient. Therefore, you should always read your mail aloud to make sure that it sounds perfect and complements the nature of the content.
In a formal setting, a business email serves as an extension of your professionalism. This type of mail is particularly important when you are negotiating a business deal. Do it wrongly and you’ll run the risk of losing a valuable deal.

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My Name is Mathias Amodu, a passionate blogger with full interest in making the world a better place for upcoming webmasters in the society at large


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