Determining What Makes an Inspired Blogger!

Determining What Makes an Inspired Blogger!

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Jasmine Demeester works as a senior content writer and academic advisory consultant at Dissertation Help firm. She is also a blogger and a social media marketer who shares her knowledge of writing using new media platform.


Blogging is one of the most popular things to share your ideas and opinions with the world. With the passage of time, blogging has evolved to become a powerful tool to educate people and promote a business.
Blogging helps the businesses grow awareness of their brand and promote their products. For its potential benefits to business, blogging has paved ways for a lucrative career for aspiring professionals who want to earn a name in online marketing.
But how one can become an inspired blogger?
This is a billion-dollar question that we will unravel in this article:

1.    Create an Appealing Design
Design plays an important role in the success of your blog. Just like any other business, it gives a personality to your blog and set the perception you want to create in minds of the readers.
To take out the true personality of your blog, you need to tweak it according to the subject of your blogging and the intended readers.
Let’s say, if you are a food blogger, you can use imagery of foods in your blog just to give your audience an aura of your blog. Similarly, if you are a technology blogger, you add blue color which is considered the primary color in the technology industry.
These little changes in design can go a long way in making your blog a treat for your readers.

2.    Pay Attention To Trending Topics
Nowadays, there is always something up on the web that creates the buzz in the world. Whether it is Charlie biting the finger of his big brother, the world dancing to the tunes of Gangnam Style or Donald Trump calling Hilary Clinton a devil, you can find the most popular topics that are creating ripples in the social media world.
With web websites like Buzz Feed and Google Trends, you can subscribe to know the current affairs and popular topics that are gaining traction on the web. By cashing in trending topics, you can attract more people to your blog that benefit your traffic and increase its visibility on the search engine results page (SERP).
Subscribe to relevant keywords through Google Alerts and follow the hottest trends on Google Hot Trends.

3.    Make Your Writing Apt With Your Target Readers
The skill to communicate ideas through your writing is the greatest tool of a blogger. To hone this tool, it is first important to put yourself in the shoes of the readers and then mold your writing style in a way that can attract their imagination.
For example, if you are a fashion blogger who loves sharing insights into the latest fashion trends and apparels, you need to write articles through the eyes of a fashion guru. Rather than trying too hard to use complicated English jargons or phrases you should give a more casual approach to writing on fashion topics.
In other words, you should allow yourself some room to pull in the interest of your writers using descriptive and imagery elements in your writing.

4.    Follow Other Bloggers For Inspiration
Blogging only gets better when you follow the trend. Unless you are highly vigilant of the type of content that is popular in the audience, you cannot bring in the audience to your website.
Therefore, it is important that you keep a strong presence on the popular blogs and become their staunch readers. This will help you in more than one way. First, it will allow you to write an article in the right style.
Secondly, it will familiarize you with popular topics that you can write on and get flocks of traffic to your website. Websites like Mashable and Buzz Feed give a variety of ideas you can use for your next write-up.
Additionally, you should also take ideas on the use of titles, formatting and the use of images in the article. In this way, you will be able to draw a big chunk of readers who might find your articles interesting enough for a read.

5.    Spice Up Your Content
A boring plain text is the biggest turn-off for any audience. People love images they add details to a topic and catch the attention of the readers. Similarly, you can add videos and audios to give the readers a more engaging and graphical way to understand the meaning of your article.
Spicing up your blog with the aforementioned elements add variety to your content and make it rather easier to understand for the audience. So the next time you publish a write-up on one of your favorite topics, do not forget to supplement it with above-mentioned add-ons.

Mentioned above are 5 tips that can make you an inspired blogger and attract more readers to your blog. Wishing you best luck for your blogging career!


  1. What a lovely post. This will surely inspire the problogger and the wannabe/newbies blogger. Thank you for this wonderful tips.

  2. Couldn't have been said any better! This' just it, but it takes a lot of work to be a blogger. It's not as easy as it sounds

  3. More on number 2. It goes beyond paying attention to trending topics. How about contributing to the things that pops up on your readers' timeline every now and then. But that's about that.

    In my little experience, I strongly believe also that building relationships between your followers and other bloggers; most importantly those within your niche appears to be a great factor for inspiration. Offer assistance on things you have ideas on, then wait and let's see how fast you would be inspired to do more; not forgetting how you'd be an inspiration to many as well

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