How to Center a Header on Blogspot

Blogging with a good design has always being one of the best thing every blogger should put into practice and also your content too.

The blogger header logo or banner is a symbol of  what your blog stands for and you should know that the first thing every visitor wants to see is your logo and the description below and this tutorial have being created to assist your set your logo in the right position so just follow the steps below carefully.


Step 1
First open your blogger dashboard, and then select your preferred blog.

Step 2
Now click “Layout” in the page’s sidebar, then click “Template Designer“.

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Step 3
Click “Advanced” in the designer’s first column, then click “Add CSS” the last link in the second column.


Step 4
Paste the following code into the “Add Custom CSS” box:

#header-inner img { margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; }

Step 5
Finally click “Apply to Blog” and that’s all you need to do

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