How to Change my Google Adsense delivery name or address

How to Change my Google Adsense delivery name or address

The google adsense has one of the best online money making platform for every webmaster, and it has great policy guiding it.

Below are some east steps on how to change my google adsense delivery name or address just follow it carefully.


Step 1
First you need to sign in to your account.

Step 2
Scroll your mouse to the top and click the gear icon  and select Payments.


Step 3
Now on your left sidebar menu, click Payments settings.

Step 4
Then you need to click "edit" next to the desired form of payment once.

Step 5
Carefully enter your updated payee name and address.

Step 6
Finally Save your changes and that's all you need.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, just have one question.

    Is there any limit to how often you can change your payment information?

    Mr. Mathias, I also have a little suggestion. Sir, I noticed some typographical errors in your typing. I would suggest you install Grammarly extension for Google Chrome. It will help check for these little mistakes. Thanks

    1. Hello Philip on the payment changes it is continuous and thanks we will work on that