There are several basic laws in the kitchen, which the majority of people are somehow not familiar with. First, kitchen is like a laboratory, so it is an appropriate place for experiments. Second, the more appliances you have, the better result you’ll achieve. And third, you’ll need a blender.


A blender is a simple device used mostly for mixing liquids or other substances. Usually, this device consists of a jar and rotating metal blades. Motor goes on, and the process begins. Blender is also good for emulsifying foods. You don’t necessarily need to buy the newest and the most expensive model. As evidenced by numerous tests, performance and price are often two different things.

How To Choose A Blender

Tastes and demands differ, and so do blenders. To choose the right one for you, pay attention to the following things.

#1 Size. Blender should be convenient enough for keeping it near you and be easily reacheable. If it is big, you probably will not keep it on the working table. And if you hide it somewhere or put on a shelf far away, taking a blender out will become time-consuming and inconvenient occupation. You probably will not use it.

#2. Ease of use. The same thing with the interface. If you don’t like how buttons are situated, if they are hard to push, if it is too big or too small, you will only get irritated, instead of adding all your passion into cooking.

#3. Noise. One more little detail that can make you irritated is noise. In some cases, it is so loud that it can wake up everyone around.


#4. Ease of cleaning. You will appreciate this one after you’re done with cooking. It is necessary to clean everything completely, without leaving any pieces of food. It may be quite difficult sometimes. That’s why it is better to choose a simple device, with a plain cup without any ornaments.

#5. Visible measurement marks. Just a single look – and you see what is going on in the cup and what amount of ingredients you need to add. It is much better than always folding and trying to figure out what is written there.

#6. Performance. If you are going to prepare smoothies and milkshakes, anything will be good enough. But if you want to make some real experiments, find something more functional and powerful.

What is available

There are several types of blenders different in form, quality, and performance.

Countertop blenders are equipped with 1-2 liter glass, plastic, or stainless steel container. The quantity of speeds usually ranges from 3 to 16. It is perfect for crushing with ice and troublesome for blending hot foods.


Immersion blenders don’t have a cup. They are also called ‘stick blenders’, and these two names can explain the principle of work. With the help of this device you can blend substances by immersing it a bowl with products. Many professional cooks prefer an immersion blender, because it is multifunctional. You can beat eggs, mix flour with other ingredients, stir soup, or even chop vegetables directly in a bowl or saucepan. There is no need to clean any additional device. In addition, it is handy and lightweight, portable and easy to store.

Where to buy

The easiest and just the best way to get a blender is to find it on Jiji. Thus, you will acquire a great new piece of kitchen equipment and find out about the best marketplace in the country. This is not just a label. It is a status complicated to deserve.


It means the selection is good enough to impress even the most demanding buyers; the prices are lower than in other places; a user-friendly interface, which makes it possible to find everything just in a few minutes. Jiji doesn’t forget to take care of your safety and security. You can communicate with other users directly, without any assistants, or even sell some of your stuff. You can register and post as many ads as you want for free. And things you want to sell don’t necessarily have to be new. Used items are available on Jiji, too. Start with something small – like a blender, and you will return again and again for more benefits.


  1. Insightful. Been on jiji for a while looking for things. Thanks Amodu

  2. Insightful. Been on jiji for a while looking for things. Thanks Amodu

  3. Thanks bro i would do as you said once i receive my monthly tanana (alert) winks!

  4. Thanks bro i would do as you said once i receive my monthly tanana (alert) winks!

  5. I will tell my mum of this the one we have at home makes a lot of noise...thanks by de way

  6. Nice one having a blend in the kitchen makes things easier.