How To Perform Directory Submission

A good clear, concise and short title. It should also be relevant to your content, website, etc.

Make sure and list your site in a relevant category/subcategory as well.
Keep your description to no more than 25 words. Typically you’re not going to see much more than that in the directory listing or search results anyway. Keep your keywords relevant and limited to around 10-15.

Proper capitalization, punctuation, grammar and spelling are important as well. The more time an editor spends correcting your mistakes, the longer it takes you to get listed, or worse yet; you’ll be rejected all together.

  1. You need to search for niche directories
  2. Then select a directory
  3. check it isn’t a link farm or spammy
  4. Try to also check if it isn’t in your log file
  5. Now find the appropriate category
  6. check you aren’t already in there
  7. submit
  8. Finally it will be record in a log

  • Don’t submit to every directory you can find, since most of them are junk.
  • Just because most of them are junk, don’t disregard those that are not.
  • When you find some that are not junk, read through their site submission policies.
  • Spend some time looking around the directory, so you know what they are looking for.
  • Choose the most appropriate category, and submit to it.
  • Write a description that is appropriate for the directory you are submitting to.
  • When submitting to additional directories, try not to use the same site description. Change it up.
  • Don’t get upset if the directory staff change your submitted description, as that shows that real people are looking at it.
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