7 Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

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If you are spending your time in writing high quality of content to your blog but still it is not reach out the people then you can promote your blog from the social media. Social media is the best way to promote your content because, now a day most of the people are available in social media.


If you are trying to survey among the marketers, bloggers and webmasters then you have to promote your blog at social media. You can also post your blog from the “marketing your blog on social media” site and you can also know about the effective ways to post the blog on social media.

What are the effective ways to promote the blog on social media

Basically there are seven effective ways are there to promote your blog on social media like

  • Useful/ shocking/ interesting content.
  • Ingrate the social media with your blog.
  • Try to share your blog transversely your social media profiles.
  • Creating the relationships with the other bloggers.
  • Social bookmark on your blog posts.
  • Join social communities.
  • Share to parts of your content.

So above are the effective ways and if you are really looking for promote your blog then you have to do the above things.
When it comes to the writing useful and interesting content and it is not only for social media marketing but also you can follow the all kind of the process. But in a social media most of the social media people are expecting the cool and sophisticated content. So you have to write the content which might be related to the topic and it is writing the awesome way. For example if you want to says about ten things you can do for success in life then you have to list all ten things. At the same time you have to add some image which is related to the topic. So your content must be impressive as well as informative and try to write in the simple and people can understand what you are trying to say in this topic.
How to share the blog to the social media profiles
If the reader is not visit your blog then share your blog then they can see your blog content and there is a possibility to share the information to their profiles. At the same time you have to take some efforts to share the blog like

  • Automate on wordpress
  • Optimal time for posting
  • Consistency
  • Visual appeal of the Post updates
  • Cross posting
  • Direct message
  • Click to tweet
  • Hash tags
  • Guest blogging
  • Viral content Buzz
  • Read and share

So if you want to share your blog across the social media profiles then you have to do the above things which mean you are sharing blog might contain below thing. If they like your blog then they can share it among their group or else you can get the tips from the experienced person.

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How to get the forum promotions

In online there are plenty of forums are there and they are not allow you to share the link of your log until you have the active member. Joining the social media is really helpful to the blogger and getting the good relationship in experienced blogger then you can make your blog amazing. If you want to share the information on blog then there is no need to update the fresh one and you can also update the old one which is having the informative content and try to avoid the content repetition…

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2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A Web and SEO Specialist, Blogger, Student, Son, A business Man


  1. Everyone wants to promote their blog on social media because that is a big market for best essay services and other online workers. But now they shouldn't worry because here is very easy way to learn hoe to promote their sites easily, i want them to follow these simple tips.

  2. While using the social media as a place for promotion, also remember that you can't be everywhere at the same time, so when you know where your audience is, maximize the potential and I promise you'll stay at the top.

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