How To Get Approved For Adsense - Updated

How To Get Approved For Adsense - Updated

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Many bloggers try to monetize their blogs in different ways. But for me, I
think Adesnse is the ultimate way.

*What Is Adsense?*

Adsense is an ad network owned by google that allows publishers and site
owners to monetize their sites by inserting HTML into their siyes and have ads appear on their sites. These ads are targeted and relevant to contents on your site.


From the above definition, I can conclude that adsense is the easiest and
most ultimate way for bloggers to make money from their sites and blogs.

But many bloggers who apply for adsense get their application disapproved. This has been the problem most bloggers face. A friend of mine and a co-blogger told me few days ago that he was going to quit blogging, I asked him “why?” and he told me that adsense has failed to approve several
requests of he’s. so I deemed it right to right this post. But to get accepted by adsense, you should first find out why adsense has failed to accept your request, this will help you know what you are battling.

*Reasons Why Adsense Turndown Your Request *







Now we have known the problems at hand, lets set to how to tackle them and
get adsense approve your request.

First, you have to tackle the problem of copying and pasting. I was into that before until I realized that copying and pasting does not make you a blogger. I realized that for one to be a blogger, one has to think out his own posts and write them in a unique manner so I quit copying and pasting. This is same with images. Instead of copying images from google, I suggest you download images from image websites like fotolia.com

Again, you have to quit using other ad networks. Adsense does not and will
not will to share. So before you get their approval, you have to remove other ad networks so as to make space for adsense. This will go a long way in your being approved by adsense after which you can use other ad networks if you wish.

Remember that adsense needs you to be an adult before you can use their
network. So when applying for adsense, make sure you applying with an adult
age (which is 18yrs and above) else you get kicked.

Eventually adsense approves you and displays ads on your blog when you have little or no traffic to see and click on the ads, then we can term the
approval as “USELESS”. So to save the uselessness, adsense will not embark
on the adventure of approving your request. That being the case, you need
to drive enough traffic to your blog by promoting your content on social
media which is free. After which you can go ahead to apply for adsense.

I have heard so many bloggers say; “you need 40 posts before adsense approves your request” and still others say; “ 50 and above is OK”. But the truth is i don’t know how that helps. If you do, you can use the comment box to inform us or if you still want to know more, you can also make use of the comment box to ask others who might help. But I suggest you have enough posts on your blog for adsense approval.

And lastly your domain type matters. Though I have seen blogs like www.something.blogspot.com display adsenese ads I still urge you purchase a custom domain. You as an individual I know, will like to do business with a blog like www.anything.com than www.something.blogspot.com and I know adsense will also trust blog with custom domain. So try getting your self a custom domain to avoid excuses.

I have just showed you the ultimate way to get the ultimate adsense
approval and I hope this helps. You are free to share this information and
also use the comment box below to share your ideas and ask your questions.


  1. I was looking forward to See some trick or something, you just posted what we've read on 1,001 other sites. Still commenting from Oscarleeblog.com - No1 Tech and school News Blog in Nigeria

    1. LOL Oscar Lee, what sort of trick are you looking for? Well, this is just the ultimate way to go about it. - No shortcut to success.

  2. Lol "Oscar Lee" , if you have read that much about adsense, it means adsense really did you strong thing.

    I think this will prompt me to write on how i get my adsense approved within 2 hours.

    I represent Samexycool.com

    1. Hey Samuel whatsup? I am looking foward to seeing this post of yours.

  3. 100% correct sir, this article is really helpful...let me battle with Glo data plans Versus Mtn data plans also.

    1. Thanks for the acknowledgement and the affirmation.

  4. Well, In Nigeria, Its not all about getting an approved Google AdSense, its about being verified.
    From Success Incentives

    1. WELL, Thats true bro. But I will soon write a post on that.

  5. Thanks for the acknowledgement and the affirmation. Guys Endavour to read On How to boost your blog traffic Bcoz it rilly Help Me.

  6. can you help me?.. i am from indonesian, but i have adsense nigerian. balance 19.67$ in adsense but not veryf. can you help me?..
    or you want to buy my adsense nigerian?..

    1. Hello do you want us to guide you in the verification processes ?

  7. Excellent post! And I must say this... Adsense is not the only way bloggers make money. What one need is traffic. And to get traffic one needs original contents. If you quit blogging because Adsense turned you down, it simply means you don't know what is blogging.

  8. Nice one bro

    Can u help me with d link were i can download awsome ic template.

  9. Hello george ben the awsome inc template or theme is located in your dashboard just apply it thanks