Make Money Online Using Backlinks in 2017

There is no exception to post good article with good SEO. Be informative and think from your readers perspective. Social signals are also important in this year. So, post an informative article, share it in social media and engage people in it. This is the best practice from my point of view.

Write content that is more awesome than anyone else’s and you’ll get tons free links. The only problem wit this method is that the vast majority of people are too lazy to implement it. But it works. It also takes work. So instead of writing a post called 10 ways to get traffic, write one called 250 ways to get traffic. It will be so useful that you’ll get a ton of links. That really is the best way, always has been, and likely always will be.

Guest blogging and press release submission (not the bulk submission) is the way to go in 2016. Not to mention the other old-school link building methods (like niche directories, Web 2.0, link exchange).

Content marketing is the (should be the) soul of every SEO campaign in the new year. Google has been pretty clear in the past about the importance of content (be it content on your website or content that you use off-site for marketing), so adding content in the SEO recipe and then cooking it with other ingredients is always helpful in getting improved results.

Before we conclude this are some cool strategy:

1. Use Social Media Websites

3. Get Some Press Releases Submitted
4. Submit Guest Posts To Relevant Blogs
5. Post comments on Relevant blogs
6. Use popular or local directories

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