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During the week I discovered something about blogger blogs and which is the coding aspect of it. You can change your blog to what ever design you want it to look like with the help of some css codes. 
In this tutorial the titles are link on the homepage will lead you to the full article  after one Click on any title it brings him/her into the Specific Post.
  • it makes your Blog Easy to navigate, so your Blog readers can easily navigate any post.
  • It increases the speed of your blog 
Follow this steps carefully and make sure you don’t skip any line. 
Step 1
First you need login to your Blogger Dashboard and then select your preferred blog which you want to work on. 
Step 2
Then move you arrow down ⬇ and click on “Template” 
Step 3
 Click On “Edit HTML”  button once 
Step 4
Press ctrl+F on your keyboard and search for this tag below 


Step 5
Then copy the code below script and paste it before </head> 

<style type=’text/css’>
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType != “static_page”‘>
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType != “item”‘>
.post {
margin:.5em 0 1.5em;
border-bottom:0px dotted $bordercolor;
.post h3 {
margin:.25em 0 0;
padding:0 0 4px;
font-family:Tahoma,Georgia,Century gothic,Arial,sans-serif;
.post h3 a, .post h3 a:visited, .post h3 strong {
.post h3 strong, .post h3 a:hover {color:#333333;}
.post-body {display:none;}
.post-footer {display:none;}
.comment-link {display:none;}
.post img {display:none;}
.post blockquote {display:none;}
.post blockquote p {display:none;} {display:none;}
.post-labels {display:none;}
.post-rating {display:none;}

You can do some little modification in the color aspects. 
Step 6
Finally just click  Save Template 
How to change number of posts displayed on Blogger homepage
Step 1
Now go to settings >> posts and comments.
Step 2
Enter the number of posts to be displayed in show at most on the main page field. 
Step 3
Save settings and check out your homepage.
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