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Best Apps for Webmasters.

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Even if you only manage one website, being a webmaster is a never ending job. Working on a website and maintaining it is a huge responsibility, and therefore, certain reliable apps are always needed. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, webmasters now rely more on android and iOS based apps. Here are the best apps (both Android and iOS based) for webmasters:


·        WordPress:

WordPress for android is a great way to manage your WordPress based blogs from your android device. It has all the basic functions, from moderating comments and adding images/videos.

·        DroidEdit Pro:

DroidEdit Pro is a great alternative to the notepad++. Based on android, the app allows webmasters to code on their smartphones or tablets on the go in a similar environment.

·        Webmaster’s HTML editor:

An android app, which is known for its user-friendliness and code completion feature. It is an amazing app especially for rookie developers and bloggers to maintain their websites.

·        Web Source Viewer:

The Web Source Viewer is a very user-friendly and handy iPhone app that allows you to view the source code of any website easily.

·        Domain Scout:

Working on a new website, but not sure what domain name to go with? Domain Scout is an iPhone app that allows you to search up domain names to make sure they are not already taken. It even provides contact information for the registered webpages through DNS.

·        PHP and HTML Cheat Sheets:

Stuck on a PHP or HTML code? Want to test your code on the go? There is a PHP and HTML cheat sheet that allows you to do just that.

·        Android Java Editor:

Android Java Editor is a good platform to practice and practically use Java programming on android smartphones and tablets. The app comes with code completion, so it is very useful for beginners.

·        Adobe Photoshop Express:

The Adobe Photoshop Express brings the amazing features of the Adobe Photoshop to your android smartphones and tablets, allowing you to easily edit and correct images. It includes all the basic image editing functions, from crop to auto rotation, and other amazing editing features which are not found in any other android image editing apps. Without a doubt, it is very useful for webmasters.

·        Magic Color Picker:

If you are using Adobe Photoshop Express, Magic Color Picker would also be of immense use to you, as both complement each other. Magic Color Picker allows you to pick complex color combinations, and is a very reliable color selection tool.

·        AndFTP:

AndFTP is a brilliant platform for webmasters to transfer data to and from your web server and your android device, allowing you to do functions like rename, permissions, delete, and some other custom commands.

·        Chartbeat:

Chartbeat is a great web analytics iPhone app that gives you real-time analytics of your webpages, showing you how many visitors are accessing your site at any given time.

·        Pingdom:

Perhaps, the biggest nightmare for a webmaster is their site going down without them even being aware of it. Thankfully, Pingdom, an iPhone app, is there to make sure that never happens to you. It constantly monitors your site, and notifies you whenever something goes wrong.

·        Analytix for Google Analytics:

Analytix for Google Analytics is highly useful if you are working with Google Analytics for your website. It’s a good android app that allows you to access your Google Analytics profile on the go.


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Why Are Solar Systems So Cost-effective?

One of the advantages of living in a private house is the opportunity to modify it for your own needs. Adding alternative energy sources to your house properties is definitely a good idea. For now, solar panels for private houses is the best way to provide your home with plenty of environmentally friendly electricity.


Is it cost-effective to install solar panels at a private house?

Not only millionaires can afford to buy solar panels today. A lot of representatives of middle class can afford them too. Today, there are plenty of effective solar panels with high performance for private houses. These panels can satisfy the need for electricity and heat supply almost completely.
In western countries, the fashion for solar energy is largely dictated by the concern about the environment rather than the search of economic benefits. However, in many countries saving money is the number one reason for the purchase of solar systems.


With the current price of electricity, a system of solar panels, installed at a private home with a family of 4 persons, fully pays back in only 4-5 years. At the same time the service life of solar panels is 20-25 years, but their batteries should be changed every 5-7 years depending on the battery quality.
Since there is no reduction in prices for supplied electricity anywhere in the world, the system will be able to pay off at least 4-5 times within the period of solar panel service.

When is it reasonable to use solar panels?

The intensity of the sun rays in summer is different from their activity in winter. We can assess the effectiveness of solar systems by calculating to what extent solar system provides the household with the required amount of hot water.
On average, solar system will ensure 60-70% of the need in hot water for one house or an apartment depending on the region. Solar energy will almost completely cover all domestic needs in hot water in the period from May to October. In the transitional months solar heating may be used to support the heating system, significantly reducing the consumption of petroleum products and gas.

Advantages of solar panels:

  • absence of harmful exhaust fumes;
  • minimal risk of fire;
  • advanced technologies allow the panels to work effectively all year round, even at night;
  • complete independence from external energy supplies;
  • maximum automation of all work processes;
  • no need for significant investment of additional funds within the period of the panel life;
  • long battery life – up to 25-30 years;
  • the use of the huge potential of solar energy;
  • quietness;
  • an extensive range of application spheres;
  • solar energy sources are up to 60% refundable by the state;
  • variability. Modern designs allow you to change the configuration of the panel so that it is convenient to you.


Solar Power Systems on Jiji: only here you will find the best deals at competitive prices and a wide assortment of the most reliable quality products!
Moreover, 100% spam protection will allow you to save a lot of your time and nerves!
Best Deals are only found on the best online-market in Nigeria!

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How To Root An Android Phone Using Framaroot

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My name is Golden Okechukwu, a writer, blogger, entreprenuer and online marketer. I share DIY (Do It Yourself) tips. With my blog, you can "learn how to do anything". You can access my blog via HowWriter Connect with me personally on Facebook Twitter Instagram

When you root your Android phone, you will be able to enjoy the
benefits of extra memory, the
ability to install custom software, run
special applications and many more.

Any who wants to root his phone pays huge amount to technicians to get
it done for them. But I am going to teach you how you can root your
android phone without the help of a technician also without
PC (Computer), but with an App called framaroot.

How To Root Your Android Phone With Framaroot

1. Download Framaroot
The App is not on Google play store, so to download it, click here

2. Checkmark "Unknown sources"

To do this, you have to go to the setting of your phone, then select security and
checkmark "unknown source". (If you couldnt find "unknown sources" under security, try looking under "Application Setting")

3. Install Framaroot
Installing this App is very easy. All you have to do is open file manager, locate the folder where you saved the App, tap on the App, and tap on install.

4 Open Framaroot
Once the App is installed, you will be prompted to open the App, so tap on "Open".

5. Install SuperUser
Once the Framaroot App has opened, go to the drop-down menu at the top and
select “Install SuperUser”.

6. Select Either Of The 3 Characters in LOTR
Once SuperUser is installed, you will be
prompted to select either Frodo, Sam or Aragorn from the list of options displayed. If your selection fail, choose another one till you see a pop-up message telling you that your phone has been successfully rooted.

7. Restart Device
Once that is done, your phone has been

That is just how to root an android
device with Framaroot.

Are there other ways you know? Do you want to tell me how you feel about this post? Make sure you use the comment box below toinform me.

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8 Ways Google Has Changed Our Lives!

author-pic Author Bio:
Joseph Carey is an App Developer at He is passionate about blogging and finds it as a way to educate the readers. In addition, he loves painting and music.

It has been well over a decade and a half since Google had graced our computer screens. And it has been one heck of a journey for the search engine giant. Few can only manage what Google has delivered since its advent. Who would have thought that a simple concept from a garage could reach the top of the world?

Since then Google has brought out a number of amazing innovations. It gives us great pleasure to share some of those accomplishments with our readers today. Here are some of the best ways that Google has helped changed the world, but not necessarily all for the better.


This is where Google received its praise and glory. Its name basically means to look up information online. People now use it as a common term. The main page of the search engine is by all accounts, the most viewed page on the Internet. Because Google indexes much of the world’s online information, anybody can find almost anything they’re looking for.

It Has Changed Our Brains

This one is actually a con. Recent research has confirmed that countless access to online information is bad for our brains. It makes it really hard for us to remember things no matter how hard we try. In fact, as soon as we get away from the screen, we can’t help but recall the very last thing we saw online.

Google is the hotspot for where all the users gather the most.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO didn’t get the buzz it would today until the late 90s. Even Yahoo was starting to pick up on the effect that certain keywords and phrases were having on searches. It was Google that decided to capitalize on this. The founders began to study about ways to pull up the right information instantly.

Google Bombing

Google does not come without its share of humor. That is precisely what a Google bomb is about. It is when someone decides to push a satirical or untrue idea to the top of Google’s rankings by pulling a few SEO tricks. Of course, not everyone will welcome such nasty pranks that contain profane and vulgar content.

It Is The Reason Facebook And Twitter Have Top Valuations

Quick but powerful was the approach that Google was going for. It went out to prove that even potential for something could pay off in a big way. The big breakthrough came when Google was able to scale up their audience to get the attention of ad agencies.

This allowed them to further improve upon their algorithms. This is one of the reasons why many tech companies are willing to shift their focus from profits until they have built up their audience.

It Has Conquered The Mobile Market

Google’s flagship mobile OS, Android, has been killing it ever since the release of their first phone in 2008. Today, it claims about 84% of the market share, leaving the rest of its rivals in the dust.


Google might not have created YouTube, but it was instrumental in its rise when it bought the video-sharing giant just 18 months after its inauguration. Today, YouTube has been localized in over 57 different countries from around the world and up to 100 hours of video content is uploaded onto the site every minute.

Google Maps

With an application like Google Maps, you won’t be carrying any real maps to navigate your way around the world. It matters not where you are in the world as long as you have Maps on your phone. Simply by feeding in traffic data and local transport information followed by the Street View tool, it realistically captures the location of the area that you are in.

It even locks in on your location and will guide you to your destination like a GPS would.

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How To Verify Google Adsense Account Without Pin Code

AdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service by Google. The program is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.

This tutorial has being tested and confirmed but all you need to do is to Register For Your National ID Card and then we gonna make use of it because most time 56% of bloggers and webmasters are students who can not afford must of this requirements like the drivers license, NEPA or electric bill with voters card.

Before you think of verifying your Adsense account using this method first of all visit any business center and scan your National ID or any of the document which you have and make sure it is clear and then transfer the scanned document into your flash drive or your mobile device.

Requirements for verifying your Adsense Pin

  1. National ID Card
  2. Electricity Bill
  3. Driving License

Note : if it's not yet time for the submission of your documents you will be given a FAQ QUESTIONS to answer so just wait a little bit.

Step 1
First open your Google Adsense Account using your username and password.

Step 2
Then click on Notification Option in Google Adsense account which is located at the top of your dashboard.

Step 3
Now scroll down to the location that the adsense pin is required and then read a little note below.

Step 4
Then click This form Now Form Open and Fill up This

Step 5
Click here to proceed to the form section and carefully

  • Enter your Name Which you have use in Google Adsense  Account
  • Enter you Email Address
  • Your Publisher id number
  • Upload you Personal Identification Card copy
  • Personal Identification Number (Pin), Driving license copy, Electricity Bill Document.

Step 6
Finally just click on the submit button below

After Approval you will receive a message like this

And that's all enjoy your $$$✋
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The History Of Internet In Nigeria

author-pic About Author
Prosper Noah is a Nigerian Tech Blogger, a Web/blog designer who feels it's necessary to share his Tech knowledge with others, his blog Tipsonblogging has helped a lot of people especially in the area of Tutorials

Internet is a distinctive device for information communication. It came into existence in Nigeria vividly in the year 1995 but was not really into full existence until it was tested in the very year in the University. Thus; (Obafemi Awolowo Univesity) Today the internet is all over the Nigeria with a wireless LAN, with the aid of hardworking researchers it keep on improving.


Now we see internet in our door step working for us in our houses and offices whereby we get information and buy things online even without leaving our houses.

It was as a result of a project work by RINAF. It was proudly backed up and financially sponsored and supported by UNESCO (United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization). So many workshops were organized to educate the Nigerian citizens. It was first tested in the University (Obafemi Awolowo Univesity).

Internet started fully in July, 1997 through the influence and energy of a PHD Student of Electrical Engineering at the Rivers State University of Technology who saw the need of students to interact with each other. He and his friends popularise internet in Nigeria. He later then formed the Internet Society of Nigeria (ISN).

The president of the Internet Society Chapter in Nigeria is Professor Thomas Chukwuemeka Nwodo. These formed the basis of internet in Nigeria and since then the internet has really been improving.

It started with people who were able to send and receive messages. People were able to chat, later on interesting sites were been introduce to Nigeria which make people more active, e.g hi5, Facebook, badoo, etc, later e-banking was introduce, also buying and selling became more interesting online.

And there became many more benefit of the internet as it continues to improve. Research gave eagerness to creating many site as more were coming and today we even have WhatsApp, WeChat, 2go, IMO etc.


The internet is a tremendous, undisputed force for economic growth and social change. Not only has it unleashed new forms off connectivity, but it has also provided an outlet for new forms of innovation, entrepreneurship and social good.

The internet has also proven a dynamic tool for stimulating economic growth in developing countries, with the World Bank  reporting that a 10% increase in the broadband correlates to a 1.38% increase in GDP growth.

Beyond the GDP growth, the internet also provides opportunities to pursue social and developmental objectives.

As we can further see; through the invention of the computer and the internet, the possibilities welcome to us are endless. Societies are changing with no distance times with no stopping point in the future generation.

The internets affect us in every area of our lives, most importantly with our social lives, our jobs, Educations, and our Entertainment.

Our social lives do not base only on telephone or mail communication anymore. Surfing the net is the new and more preferable way we choose to be communicating with people as it help us to communicate easily and faster to people and above all less expensive.

Chat rooms are open on the internet to enable people talk directly with other people, who may either be in the other side of the world.


E-mail which is use to refer to Electronic mail is another easy and more convenient way of communicating to people even within and outside the country with an online mail-box by typing and just clicking a button.

Two second to send an e-mail to someone in another part of the world is quicker than a week or more through the ordinary mail.

Stock trading is now on the internet, along with banking and any other type of business you can imagine.

This is as interesting that no gas nor time is wasted on the process. The inevitable of this invention is going to change the world and the society is happy about the way things are changing.

Things are easier and cheaper with the choice of having a computer and going on-line, there’s almost nothing you cannot do.
This remarkable idea of internet is going to revolutionize the way we live in the future.


Hmmm!!! Anything that goes around comes around; the internet as benefiting as it is, have a negative part. Most of us know the pros of having a computer and internet access link us to other part of the world and provides us with information we us to search for at the library etc.
These are some of the negative part of the computer and the internet world:

  • Computer as an agent of distraction; computer has cause distraction to people so much that they lose contact with reality around them, such as family, husband, wives, boyfriend, girlfriend, and even friends and children as communication is based on chatting online etc.

  • It opens up kiddy porn and other immoral things; imagine a child having access to the internet and been introduce to a site that contains hard/soft-porn and the child became so interested about the site and in no distance time he introduce it to the friend as a place of satisfaction and pleasure, who knows before a tinkle of an eye he would want to practice it physically worst more he introduce it to a female child also imagine the influence.

  • Sitting on the computer all day is hard for the eye; as the eye is not free to too much of light. Whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, our eyes are fixated at one screen or another, be it for work, study or play. It usually affect your sleep patterns due to the blue light that is emitted these screens.

  • Hackers can ruin your computer system; as there are criminals who are always looking for a way of changing information on your computer system this has discourage people from having computers and internet.

  • More crimes are committed through the internet;just of recent it was reported of a young man in Nigeria who was stealing 1kb each from every bank in Nigeria on daily basis, when the secret got leaked report say he was sponsored oversea for a great research and hard work, imagine stealing in a bank! Not only that but other crime such as posting of pornographies, 419 etc.

  • Spammers are annoying; spamming is the act of sending mail, especially advertising material, through the internet to a large number of people, who have not asked for it and this can be so disgusting.

  • Posting of wrong information; people who are jobless can sometime decide to criticize others by posting nonsense.

  • Possibility of knowing strangers; as it is possible to meet people online you may get to know people who I suppose where not to be known as there begin to send you fake stories and this has led to hard break to many and mistrust has become inevitable in the society as when the right source give an information, it is no longer accepted.

  • The younger generation would rather communicate through computer easier than working towards making friends or finding love, in the good old fashion way. Thus; part of the magic of falling in love is lost people breakup in e-mails rather than facing the persons and as well as all generations have been taught before we must take responsibility for own actions.
There is a young generation coming up where information is at one’s finger tips too easily and then it becomes a personal thing in some people’s lives.

Before one knows it all will be like a zombies wondering why no one is relating to them.
Why technology is a wonderful thing it is almost likely that it can be used in an immoral or wrong way.

There is a price to pay for everything even if it appears it making life easier on people.

LAST WORDS: Internet has served a whole lot of good, but let focus only on the positive assistance it has rendered to us and neglect the negative part of it.

Don't leave without a comment!

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5 Things About Nigeria Black Friday

Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving, so named for its unofficial start to the Christmas shopping season, but today better known as the day department stores try desperately to remind people there are still department stores.

Image is one of the most popular source for black Friday ads and black Friday sales information. The website has been featured on various TV channels, newspapers, radio stations and magazines.

However, many Black Friday deals are available online - before Black Friday. Many of such Black Friday like or even better than black Friday deals can be found at throughout the year, including right now.

Black Friday Deals at Konga

  • Up to 20% Discount on Electronics – Buy Now

  • Up to 20% Discount on Laptops & Computers – Buy Now

  • Up to 20% Discount on Phones & Tablets – Buy Now

  • Up to 70% Discount on Generators and Automotive Gadgets – Buy Now

  • Up to 70% Discount on Kid & Baby Wear as well as Toys – Buy Now

  • Up to 65% Discount on Women’s Fashion – Buy Now

  • Up to 67% Discount on Men’s Fashion – Buy Now

  • Up to 25% Discount on Kitchen & Home Appliances – Buy Now

  • Up to 95% Discount on Music, Movies & Games – Buy Now

  • Up to 85% Discount on Beauty & Personal Products – Buy Now

Shop like never before........
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Reasons You Don't Earn Money Blogging and Suggestions

author-pic About Author
Prosper Noah is a Nigerian Tech Blogger, a Web/blog designer who feels it's necessary to share his Tech knowledge with others, his blog Tipsonblogging has helped a lot of people especially in the area of Tutorials

One vital priority every blogger should have or should always take caution is observing his or her blogging career growth and how Paramount earning from blogging is.


If anyone start a blog today first of all he she will want to eat from his sweat which is Paramount.

The big question is have you wondered why bloggers always blog free in their first year of blogging?

 I have another question. How long is it going to take you to become a guru in blogging? Will you continue blogging, if you don't earn anything? Do you always spend money recharging your network for browsing allowance and yet have nothing to cash out? Have you been spending money buying and renewing your custom domain, yet no payment? Do you participate in one ads network or the order or you follow re-seller package? Do you work as an affiliate partner? Of course this are all earnings possibilities and many other means.

 Well today you have come to the right place. Your struggles shall stop today. I assure you good earnings by next month after reading through this post.

How Old are you in Blogging?

Many bloggers fail to realize their timing as bloggers.
As a blogger from the starting, you have one common limitation to increasing your chances of earning.

It is all about programming and packaging. Lack of traffic; this means you may be participating in good and reliable ad networks that pay but no viewers to click on your ads thereby reducing your potentials and possibility of earning from your blog.

Growth is a daily experience, which means as a blogger you can never satisfy yourself in a day, its a continuous process. Becoming a guru is a practice but I think you should also have a time frame for every level of your career. Don't remain a newbie.

Why was your Blog Setup?

Some people designed their blogs with the aim of monetization, while some did it for promoting music's industry. OK which ever way you did it for its important to take note of in order to grow your wallet.

What is your Marketing Strategy?

What some bloggers fail to reason is what marketing strategy should be taken to market contents.

Your blog URL is not exposed to the cloud that even a blind man can see what content you have on your site.

Create a Facebook group and think of how to grow it, this will help to get more audience on every second.

Now let me start by saying, a jack of all tray is  a master of none. Yes, this is a simple addict as it is very true.

Just as I started with PronoahTECH and could not know the best ads network to follow all though this is common to every newbie, I could not even struggle with one. A poem writer says that "you should follow one thing until you finally achieve it". I gave traffic to so many ad networks all for the purpose of making some bucks blogging.
I could not even stay to make good content on my blog instead I focused solely on how I could earn.

The more I look at my possibility of earning money online, the more it seems to be difficult or me, instead I dance within free promotional ads.

Now, let me tell you the reasons why you have not actually received a dime from blogging!

Inadequate Content

This I will tell you that many people have tried to manipulate google adsense in order to start making money online but it proved abortive. If you must earn from blogging, then the only primary option you have is the google adsense program but it is better said than done, this is because getting adsense approval earns since the time of John the Baptist, starting from there till now it remains operation work hard. (LOL)

Too Much participation in different ads networks

This is the most important part of what drove me into writing this article. actually, as a blogger, one of the first challenge you should understand that you have is that you always want to try every other ads network, especially that of google adsense alternative Like Nairapp, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, adfly, to mention but a few. Take for instance, you are a publisher with all these ads networks and yet at the end of the month you cannot be bold to say this is my bank details please transfer my publisher commission to me.

This is one of the stupid mentality bloggers do not grow with. It is very vital you understand this basis. If you could devote all your time, interest and effort promoting one ads, what do you think could come out of you? you cannot actually use barely 100 page-views to make a dime out of five or more ads on your site. stick to one if adsense has disappointed  you and you could still get something.

But I have a question. Before you start promoting all these sites on your blog, do you care to read their terms and conditions? Do you think about their privacy policies? Do you know some of this ads network can actually make your site to have a set back? Yes, I shared an experience on how my BLOG WAS COMPLETELY REMOVED FROM ALL GOOGLE SEARCH RESULT, HOW? This is true, long time ago, I was participating with an adnetwork (name not mentioned) due to my eagerness to earn and make money online, I was shocked when I saw that most of my pages have been blocked and could not be seen and crawled by search engines. When I started looking for a way to resolve this issue, I found out that actually, there was a problem and it was caused by that particular Adnetwok.

Now, if you have placed any ads in your template, I mean you did not use the JavaScript gadget, then I tell you, there's a possibility that you might be putting your Blog's Search Presence on Risk. After my experience on PronoahTECH I tell you, its not that safe. I will tell you why. A site like spoutable, Chitika etc should not be place on your scratch template, like placing it at the open head tag <head> or even <body>. This is wrong.

Many bloggers would hear there is an ads network that is paying real well (1$ per click) and everyone will want to participate.

In blogging you must not necessarily become reach overnight but it is a gradual process. A child do not grow overnight.

Those networks are only going to get free traffic from you and you can never cash out because one day you will eventually get tired of it and drop out.

Poor Marketing Strategy

Many of us do not understand the important of exploring a good and efficient marketing strategy.
Many TV channels print fliers just to make sure their business is in front of the masses. You can actually do this by using different marketing platforms like  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, since social networks are growing day after day with millions of new subscribers and more than billions of returning members.

In order to make it in blogging try to fix the above mention common reasons why you don't make it in blogging.


Don't jump into any ads network because you want to make money from it, rather try to read and observe their rules, how they render your site to search engines.

Have you been motivated? kindly make sure you share the post and ask questions where necessary, and we'd get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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5 Best Techniques To Rank Better In Google Local Map Listing

Google's goal is to optimize the Google Maps experience so that users actually see the ads but without going so far as to become obtrusive and become a distraction to users who may be driving (e.g., there are no plans for interstitials or audio).

Google has been wondering all of us with each of their new algorithm releases.

Local search is one among those which is like the one who comes to you with a smile and guides you to the right rout when you are stuck in a new place. Making it more clear, just type in the ‘hospitals’ and you are provided with the nearest renowned hospitals from the location where you typed in the query.

It is not a deadlock to get your business also optimized in the Google local search if you follow the right method.

Get Google Business View Photo-shoot

Google photo shoot is going to give an experience of virtual tour to your customers. Doing so, there is a greater scope for credibility and people would feel more encourages to browse over your site.

Google Business View photo shoot by itself is at most a very minor ranking factor, but can help your rankings more indirectly, because it can get more people to click.

Claiming the business in Google

This is the first step you can start to help your customers to find you in Google. To make it easy, Google has suggested certain guidelines which you can follow.

For your reference, the link is given here:

Spending enough time to fill in all the fields here, such as Name, Address, E mail, Phone number and the close matching category is highly recommended here.

Put your business name in such a way that the customers can easily recognize the operational division you are into. 
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The Unconventional Guide To Technology Niche

author-pic About author
My name is David Akindeji and I'm a Blogger and an entrepreneur. I blog at, I love music, doing research and i create interest in anything i do online. Feel free to contact me on Facebook Twitter 

The World in which we are today is technology oriented, and everybody wants to be part of it. The Technology niche is an avenue to disseminate information regarding tech news, Reviews, blogging tips and A lots more. Now, what do I need to know before I start a Technology niche? Let's move on!



A Technology niche means a website or blog where articles related to tech/news/reviews etc. are been discussed. Tech niche is an interesting niche, but some people find it hard to fit in, nevertheless, is a major factor in the own world.

Don't follow the crowd when it comes to blogging, and many people love to be an entertainment blogger or sports, etc. Tech niche is an interesting one only if you find the right balance and you give yourself to research work, and it is not a hard niche, but it is totally different from every other niche.

What are unconventional way to Tech Niche Blogging, Below i will be sharing just four tips:-

INTEREST: - Create an interest in tech niche, and Once you have an interest in tech blogging you will surely make a way out of it, in the sense that your interest we bring a drive within you to do more.

CREATIVITY: - Be creative in tech blogging because been creative drives you to give out quality content and it we pave the way for you to gain more ground

RESEARCH: - You must learn to do research on any topic or articles you want to write. If you want to be a good and a unique tech blogger you must do some research, it brings out the best in you.

PASSION: - Have passion for what you are doing and you won't give up, some bloggers who give up on tech blogging thinks it is a dick and harry niche, NO! You need to be focus and be determined to do your best.

Tech niche has dimensions, and the First thing which you need to decide is what kind of tech blog you are trying to build. Is it going to be tutorials, news, or review blogs? Below I’m sharing example of some of the common types of technology niche blog:

A tutorial blog is a more popular blog than others. If you have Knowledge about Phones, etc. you can go for a tutorial blog. I have realized that not everyone can do this because it takes more time in doing research. Tutorial blog gains more traffic because people want to learn more about their gadgets etc. NOTE: - It is good for part time Tech Blogger. E.g


As the names sounds, it nothing else than to post Tech news and you must be updated with the latest happenings in the world of technology. You must be active online, So stay updated subscribe to the popular news tech blog email newsletter, Facebook groups/pages, and A lot More. Otherwise also called Techtainment E.g

As a tech review blog, you musty be vast and have a sound knowledge about it. Tech reviews deal with any inro about Phones, Gadgets, Computer reviews, etc. It is an interesting niche and it is lucrative. Pick a topic especially on Android phones (we have many companies producing Android phones now) example infinix, techno etc and do a simple review about one of their smartphones and also note that a video(it must be recorded by you or you get it elsewhere on youtube) we also help in your review which can also drive traffic to your site.


Technology niche blog is an interesting and a hot niche. Be Focus, determined and flow with people of the same niche and also provided quality content.

If you have additional things to add you are free to add it. Happy blogging!
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Konga Black Friday 2016 Yakata

Konga .com; Nigeria's Largest Online Mall  the shopping site for electronics, phones, computers, fashion, groceries and many more.


Online shoppers in Nigeria are getting ready for the upcoming Konga Black Friday 2016 promotion , AKA Konga Yakata 2016 , a shopping event where there will be massive discount on different products in Nigeria. This article provides more details on Konga Black Friday 2016 date , possible deals , as well as how to get prepared for the shopping event.

The konga black Friday is one of the must recreative moment when all promises are being accomplish with konga cheap offer.

During this period there will be massive discounts that will be as high as 70% off, get set for this great awoof with instant delivery.

Simple Guide On How To Get Your Preferred Gadget

Before you think of black Friday make sure you have at least more money at hand so as to be free from issue like insufficient fund

Now use your Android phone or laptop to visit then sign up immediately then make on that day you are online so as to grab your prefer product.

Charge your Andriod phone / laptop 100%

Final notice just be online at 11PM on the 24th November 2016. Blackfriday starts on the 25th of November at 12AM 

List Of Products 

  1. LG Television Set
  2. Home , Kitchen & Household Appliances
  3. Infinix – (Infinix Hot 3 / Hot 4 , Note 2 & Zero 3)
  4. Tecno – (Tecno Boom J8 , Tecno Camon C8 , Tecno Winpad 10 , Tecno Phantom 5)
  5. Innjoo – ( Innjoo Halo Plus , Innjoo Fire 2 , Innjoo 2)
  6. Samsung – (Galaxy S6 , Galaxy Note 5)
  7. Apple iPhone 6 / 6 Plus
  8. Lenovo Laptops
  9. HP Laptops
  10. Play station 4
And many more information and gadget will be added soon so just keep visiting for the update.

Date For Konga Black Friday 2016

Get ready because Konga Yakata 2016 is going to hold from the 18th – 21st november 2016.

Click here

Click on this banner to start shopping now...

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Which Domain Name is the Best For My or

author-pic About author
Kennedy Prosper is a professional blogger,hoping to help you and your business you can visit his blog for some wonderful articles @

I can see that before you clicked on this page you have already purchased a domain name or you are about to get one and now for those who already got one either .com or they still have the doubt if they purchased the right domain for their blog. And those who haven't gotten one yet are still contemplating on wither to get .com or

The truth of the matter is that A paid domain name is a paid domain. When you hear on net people do write get your site a better domain name that doesn't mean it must be a .com or domain name what makes your domain a better domain irrespective of the suffix you choose is the name before the suffix.

There have been so much criticism on the domain name ( which makes me almost changed my domain name when i newly started blogging i was thinking i have taken a wrong brand for my blog but not until i know what it means.

Now without much stories let me throw a very short light on the two domain names which are both called paid domain.

Why You need a domain name?

Promotion If you choose a Nigerian extension for your blog you are proudly promoting Nigerian ICT and that's why you see other top counties like UK uses co.UK , ,ga and many more

Targeting If you want to create a business to target mainly or only Nigerians then the best brand is the Nigerian extension e.g Nigerian government, and organisations, schools who are targeting Nigeria audience will prefer to use the .ng or instead or .com ,.net or .org thats why you see popular naijaloaded is now redirected to because the owner knows that his target is the Nigerians so he see no reason to be using .com or other domain name.

Google NG Google is not stupid to register the domain name they knows the importants of country specific domains A domain name with a Nigeria extension is likely to get more search result from than other domain name because it is country specific and targeting Nigerians mainly.

This is the major reason when you go to your search console , you can't select the country you want to target if you are using or .ng because they asune your domain is already specific and Google will also know that you are a Nigerian when searches are made from Nigeria.

From the above reason you should be able to extract why you need a .com or other top level domain for your business.The .com domain is a global targeting domain name. This domain can be used when you want to target the global audience mainly from search engines.

One other reason is preferable is the fact that browsers easily detect it to other domain names e.g when you type kingsweb in your address bar you will be taken to

Which one can do better on Google?.com or

Have you search for some important stuffs online and only for you to be seeing .tk .ga and other fucking domain name rank higher than your own ? lol it somehow looks foolish and thats why i always say Google is mysterious.

There is no domain name that cannot do better on Google. Even the free domain but it has been recommended you get a paid domain name and you know what that means? it could be .co .com etc provided it is paid you have obeyed the rule or the talk of "get a paid domain name"

Any domain name can rank on Google if the domain follows Google rule so don't consider Google when you want to buy a domain name forget the FAQs about wither .com rank higher than it is just a saying out of ignorance. The only thing that make you know the domain name to choose is the audience you want to target.

Can i rival the person using other extension with my Nigerian extension?

Yes you can rival the person using other domain name even of you are using a country specific domain. Blogging success does not depend on domain it depends on your site and the domain name is not your site it's just the name of your site. take note of that.

I have personally experimented with my site. I started blogging and my Alexa ranking was over 8 million but my competitors was around 1million globally who where using .com domain name but after some months of blogging i was able to rival them with my country specific domain name why? because a domain is just a sites name but what matters is the site.

Where Can i buy or .ng domain name in Nigeria?

Perhaps with the above you have known the reason why you need a or ng domain name and you want any if then for your Nigerian business you can get one from Domainking.Ng

How much is Domain names currently at domainKing?

Cheap web hosting companies in Nigeria (NG)

Woe not only on domainking but other hosts as well. i was surprise to see the change in price of domain name. though this price are not permanent bit for now bellow is the price chart of domainking.

Who needs .com and who needs or .ng?

I have answered this question from my above inscription but i will say it again here!!.

those who uses or ng domain name are those who want traffic from Nigeria but those who uses .com or other top level domains like are those who are targeting the global audience.

Can i Buy and .com for my blog?

Yes o you can buy both just like naijaloaded is doing. you can buy both domain names and redirect them to each other but this will have Search effect of your site.

The only reason why you should get the both is when you are already well known with one and you want to use the other then not to loose your traffic you can do redirection apart from that it's not advisable you get another domain name for your blog unless if your site is not yet popular.

Can i add ng to the back of my .com?

Hahaha this is one of the most foolish but sensible questions i have ever had since i started blogging and before someone could ask me the above question probably there are tones of newbies who will still be in the same shoes that's why i want to officially announce the answer as "NO" You can not add .ng to your .com domain to make it

Ones you get one that's yours no addition to already purchased domain no subtraction. In a simple sentence "you can't edit a domain name"

Conclusion Every paid domain name is equal. what makes the difference is your brand and the audience you want to target. So if you want to buy a domain name today ask yourself the audience you want to build , who did you want to see your site most in search engine after getting the answer on the audience you want then you can now decide.
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7 Easy SEO Tips to Promote Your Blog to the Top


Any blogger understands that it is very necessary to keep their blog at the top of searches. One of the effective ways to increase blog traffic is the filling it with new interesting and thoughtful articles. To make these articles really effective – use SEO articles. Let’s find some useful tips and rules to promote your blog to the top and, what is more important, keep it there.

Write a lot and every day
As it was mentioned above you need to find and use useful texts that can remain relevant for a long time. You need to use the texts with themes which won’t be interesting to read only once and during the short period of time. Create your content filling it with articles and essays which will be interesting for readers even in ten years. You can write those articles by yourself if you are sure that you’ll do it periodically, it must be as often as possible. If you’re not sure that you can write interesting content by yourself, then you’ll better buy essay with affordable prices on the internet.

Be on-line
Update your content regularly. People who read your blog need to feel your constant presence in filling of the personal website with amusing or scientific information (it depends on the main goal and theme of the blog). It must stay “fresh” and relevant all the time. As an example of such constantly updating website, you can take the or any other examples. Do not afraid to use different photos and videos!

Create a clear structure
Create the clear structure of your website. Each section of the blog must have heading and subheadings which will help your followers to find necessary information faster. Those headings also will help to understand the main idea of the content at the first sight. Descriptions of sections of the blog also will be very useful. Create SEO tags which are popular in different searches and they will surely help to readers find your blog easier.

Use keywords and phrases in your articles for content filling. It is very important to use right keys and to choose proper text anchors in the SEO texts. There are many ways how to improve SEO and you can easily find them on the internet. I advise you to look them through and use them while writing or choosing the proper content to your blog. SEO tools will be very effective in promoting it.

Make links
One of the ways of increasing the popularity of your blog is making it worth of trust for followers. You can achieve it by making links to relevant reputable websites. Of course the most popular are links to Wikipedia where one can find any necessary information, but there are a lot of other popular websites and blogs with different topics, for example world news, which can be the good foundation for your blog. One can post comments on relevant blogs and in this way, connect them. And, of course, create Comments Widget to give to your followers to have the conversation with you and each other and to ask questions about your blog.

Collaborate with searching services
Submit your blog to search engines and directories. Be sure that it will increase chances to find new readers for your blog. Do not forget that the more popular the search engine among Internet users, the more people use search engines, and more traffic will come with it. The most popular searching engines for October 2016 are: 1. Google; 2. Bing; 3. Yahoo! Search.

Use social networks
Nowadays one of the best marketing strategies is the using of social media. Create accounts on such websites like Facebook, Twitter and others. It will enable your readers to share information from your blog in their personal accounts. It will be the best way to tell about your blog.
Usage of these simple tips will promote your blog to the top and surely will provide it with a great number of followers. Good luck to you!

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Nigerian Best Affiliate Companies that You Can use to Make Money

author-pic About author
Benson Chidiebere a young Nigerian Entrepreneur whose ambition is to educate People on Live issues and other related contents. He is the CEO at

Affiliate marketing/referral program is a program set up by some companies to recruit sales personnel known as affiliates, who are paid based on the volume o sales made from their referral link.

All affiliate companies have one thing in common>> they pay their affiliates a given percentage o their sales volume as affiliate commission for their sales.

Having known what an affiliate program really is...  Let’s see the best affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria that you can use to maximize your profit as a blogger or a website admin and also help you to be successful.


Konga is one best online shop affiliate company in Nigeria, because they sell wide varieties of products and it’s a perfect place to buy because they accept payment on delivery.

This means that you can order a product on Konga will make your payment only when the product has been delivered to you.

Konga affiliate pays up to 9% for apparels and 3% for electronics and other high end products. Luckily, the acceptance is not tedious.
Konga is very easy to join, all you need is to have an active blog/website and you are good to go.

Signup Here

Jumia affiliate is another good alternative to maximize your profit as a blogger.
The good thing is that you can combine both of them (Konga and Jumia) as many bloggers do.

They are both excellent. Jumia affiliate have high commission rate.

All you need to do is signup and start promoting the product on your blog by placing your referral link on your blog.

Signup Here

VConnect is a conglomerate of business directory and superstore.
Interestingly, they now offer up to 12% commission on successful purchase on her website.
They are rocking in business for a while now.

Their web cookies last for 30 days after clicking and have mouth watering offers for top affiliate earners.

Signup here


Whogohost is the leading hosting provider in Nigeria. I have hosted few niche blog with them and their service and customer support is excellent.

Yes, apart from hosting packages, they sell other services such as domain name purchase, Google Apps, Payment services.

So you can make money promoting their products and services and make good money from commission. They even pay you N500 for just signing up.
To commence,

Signup Here

Naijabet is the best and most popular Betting affiliate program in Nigeria, it pays a whooping 55% of net revenue of each person you refer to bet on their website. So, if you are a sport enthusiast or a betting geek, you can take advantage of this niche to make some cool cash. Registration is free.

Sign up here

Dealdey is another dedicated online store in Nigeria.
The offer bloggers the opportunity to make money by referring their friends on buy from the shop.
So, if you have a blog, I will advice you to try Deldey.
I personally have not promoted their products before but I have a friend who does. According to him, they pay their affiliate marketers well.

Signup Here

QServers is a web-hosting company in Nigeria.
Just like whogohost, they pay upto 20% of each referral. With QServers, you also get N500 for just signing up.
Affiliate Payment is done every week directly to your bank account. It’s simple.

Signup here

Wakanow is a travel agency in Nigeria.
They render services such as visa processing, airline booking, hotel reservation, airport pickup services and much more.
You can make serious money by partnering with them via affiliate programme.

Signup Here

Domainking a domain host company in Nigeria, and their affiliate program is recommended as one of the best so far in our country.
You will also get a commission for signing in and they give room for sharing referrals. This is to say that you can also make more money by sharing links through your referral ID.
We will recommend you try it, you won’t regret doing so.

Signup Here

Hope with this as a blogger, you will be able to monetize your blog or website, try them out and start your money making business today, thanks.

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7 Powerful Facebook Ad Strategies for Business

author-pic About author
Erica Cohen is a Freelance copywriter and editor. She has written number of articles on social media, Business, content marketing and essay writing topics. She works at EssayDone - Essay Help UK as Freelance writer.

Facebook has been the most widely popular and trending social media networking platform for quite a long time now. The enormous majority of audiences make use of Facebook for socializing and interacting with their friends and families. People are more interested on facebook platform as compared to the other networking sites. There are numerous reasons which contribute to the popularity of facebook. Unlike other social media apps, facebook doesn’t restrict it users to a certain limit in terms of word count, sharing or uploading any personal or impersonal data. The trendy timeline reviews, notes and secret group options attract the people towards facebook to a higher extent. The new feature of playing videos automatically has greatly engaged masses to use facebook.

But facebook is not merely something to enjoy and socialize. Rather it has become an extensively used marketing platform for expanding and advertising various businesses, be it at local or international level.
Facebook is one of the most prominent marketing means available to promote your business and fish new clients.

In order to make the most of the Facebook adverts, it is important to develop understanding of useful marketing strategies. Some powerful strategies are enlisted here.

Target Audience
Facebook provides a unique feature of targeting audience by providing the appropriate information which proves to be immensely helpful in categorizing the target audience. If you are placing an ad on facebook, it gives you access to the location of its users, this feature helps you in targeting your audience according to location. For e.g. if you are running a business at a certain area, facebook helps you locate client in that particular area. It also helps you locating clients through demographics which include age, gender, relationship status and various interests of a person.

Eye-Catching Event Pages
To make your business popular, this is the one of the most effective strategies to follow. Make a page under your business name and highlight the best of your services along with the package cost. To further attract customers announce discount offers time to time showing the customers that they are getting better services in lower rates as compared to the other brands of the same services available in the market.

Target Spectators Similar to Your Customers
This is a tricky yet very beneficial strategy to take advantage of. After you have developed a fan following or loyal customers list, you can find even more customers by surveying what kind of people are interested in your business. And by the help of this information you can target people who have similar interests as of your existing clients. For example if you are running a ladies shoe business, target your customers according to their gender first. Then target them according to their age and interest. Wasting time on uninterested fan is a ravage of your time and money.

Further Customize Your Audience
This feature proves to be the most powerful marketing strategy to place an ad for your business on facebook. It includes limiting your customers from the wider range of targeted and look-alike customers discussed above. This list can be made by viewing the interests of users. It saves time y helping you to project your energy only towards concerned audiences.

Striking & Unusual Images
The first thing which catches attention of a user is visual image which is expressive and beautifully pleasing to the eye. Randomly test different attractive illustrations of your ad because you never know which ad might appeal clients, so never miss an opportunity to flaunt your products. Discard the least viewed images later.

Develop Reliability among Your Intended Audience 
As highlighted above, facebook provides an advanced feature of customizing your audiences. To increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns direct your packages or free trials towards your new clients to develop loyalty and reliability among our audience.

Keep Updating Your Ads
Keep a strong check on the ad you are placing, make sure they are competitive enough to grasp the attention of customers. Compare your ads with the ads of other brands and analyze them critically. Targeting audiences is the primary step, but it won’t be sufficient if your ads don’t speak volumes graphically and fail to attract customers. Therefore graphically well deigned ads should be approved to be placed for advertisement.

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