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Even if you only manage one website, being a webmaster is a never ending job. Working on a website and maintaining it is a huge responsibility, and therefore, certain reliable apps are always needed. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, webmasters now rely more on android and iOS based apps. Here are the best apps (both Android and iOS based) for webmasters:


·        WordPress:

WordPress for android is a great way to manage your WordPress based blogs from your android device. It has all the basic functions, from moderating comments and adding images/videos.

·        DroidEdit Pro:

DroidEdit Pro is a great alternative to the notepad++. Based on android, the app allows webmasters to code on their smartphones or tablets on the go in a similar environment.

·        Webmaster’s HTML editor:

An android app, which is known for its user-friendliness and code completion feature. It is an amazing app especially for rookie developers and bloggers to maintain their websites.

·        Web Source Viewer:

The Web Source Viewer is a very user-friendly and handy iPhone app that allows you to view the source code of any website easily.

·        Domain Scout:

Working on a new website, but not sure what domain name to go with? Domain Scout is an iPhone app that allows you to search up domain names to make sure they are not already taken. It even provides contact information for the registered webpages through DNS.

·        PHP and HTML Cheat Sheets:

Stuck on a PHP or HTML code? Want to test your code on the go? There is a PHP and HTML cheat sheet that allows you to do just that.

·        Android Java Editor:

Android Java Editor is a good platform to practice and practically use Java programming on android smartphones and tablets. The app comes with code completion, so it is very useful for beginners.

·        Adobe Photoshop Express:

The Adobe Photoshop Express brings the amazing features of the Adobe Photoshop to your android smartphones and tablets, allowing you to easily edit and correct images. It includes all the basic image editing functions, from crop to auto rotation, and other amazing editing features which are not found in any other android image editing apps. Without a doubt, it is very useful for webmasters.

·        Magic Color Picker:

If you are using Adobe Photoshop Express, Magic Color Picker would also be of immense use to you, as both complement each other. Magic Color Picker allows you to pick complex color combinations, and is a very reliable color selection tool.

·        AndFTP:

AndFTP is a brilliant platform for webmasters to transfer data to and from your web server and your android device, allowing you to do functions like rename, permissions, delete, and some other custom commands.

·        Chartbeat:

Chartbeat is a great web analytics iPhone app that gives you real-time analytics of your webpages, showing you how many visitors are accessing your site at any given time.

·        Pingdom:

Perhaps, the biggest nightmare for a webmaster is their site going down without them even being aware of it. Thankfully, Pingdom, an iPhone app, is there to make sure that never happens to you. It constantly monitors your site, and notifies you whenever something goes wrong.

·        Analytix for Google Analytics:

Analytix for Google Analytics is highly useful if you are working with Google Analytics for your website. It’s a good android app that allows you to access your Google Analytics profile on the go.



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