Reasons You Don't Earn Money Blogging and Suggestions

Reasons You Don't Earn Money Blogging and Suggestions

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One vital priority every blogger should have or should always take caution is observing his or her blogging career growth and how Paramount earning from blogging is.


If anyone start a blog today first of all he she will want to eat from his sweat which is Paramount.

The big question is have you wondered why bloggers always blog free in their first year of blogging?

 I have another question. How long is it going to take you to become a guru in blogging? Will you continue blogging, if you don't earn anything? Do you always spend money recharging your network for browsing allowance and yet have nothing to cash out? Have you been spending money buying and renewing your custom domain, yet no payment? Do you participate in one ads network or the order or you follow re-seller package? Do you work as an affiliate partner? Of course this are all earnings possibilities and many other means.

 Well today you have come to the right place. Your struggles shall stop today. I assure you good earnings by next month after reading through this post.

How Old are you in Blogging?

Many bloggers fail to realize their timing as bloggers.
As a blogger from the starting, you have one common limitation to increasing your chances of earning.

It is all about programming and packaging. Lack of traffic; this means you may be participating in good and reliable ad networks that pay but no viewers to click on your ads thereby reducing your potentials and possibility of earning from your blog.

Growth is a daily experience, which means as a blogger you can never satisfy yourself in a day, its a continuous process. Becoming a guru is a practice but I think you should also have a time frame for every level of your career. Don't remain a newbie.

Why was your Blog Setup?

Some people designed their blogs with the aim of monetization, while some did it for promoting music's industry. OK which ever way you did it for its important to take note of in order to grow your wallet.

What is your Marketing Strategy?

What some bloggers fail to reason is what marketing strategy should be taken to market contents.

Your blog URL is not exposed to the cloud that even a blind man can see what content you have on your site.

Create a Facebook group and think of how to grow it, this will help to get more audience on every second.

Now let me start by saying, a jack of all tray is  a master of none. Yes, this is a simple addict as it is very true.

Just as I started with PronoahTECH and could not know the best ads network to follow all though this is common to every newbie, I could not even struggle with one. A poem writer says that "you should follow one thing until you finally achieve it". I gave traffic to so many ad networks all for the purpose of making some bucks blogging.
I could not even stay to make good content on my blog instead I focused solely on how I could earn.

The more I look at my possibility of earning money online, the more it seems to be difficult or me, instead I dance within free promotional ads.

Now, let me tell you the reasons why you have not actually received a dime from blogging!

Inadequate Content

This I will tell you that many people have tried to manipulate google adsense in order to start making money online but it proved abortive. If you must earn from blogging, then the only primary option you have is the google adsense program but it is better said than done, this is because getting adsense approval earns since the time of John the Baptist, starting from there till now it remains operation work hard. (LOL)

Too Much participation in different ads networks

This is the most important part of what drove me into writing this article. actually, as a blogger, one of the first challenge you should understand that you have is that you always want to try every other ads network, especially that of google adsense alternative Like Nairapp, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, adfly, to mention but a few. Take for instance, you are a publisher with all these ads networks and yet at the end of the month you cannot be bold to say this is my bank details please transfer my publisher commission to me.

This is one of the stupid mentality bloggers do not grow with. It is very vital you understand this basis. If you could devote all your time, interest and effort promoting one ads, what do you think could come out of you? you cannot actually use barely 100 page-views to make a dime out of five or more ads on your site. stick to one if adsense has disappointed  you and you could still get something.

But I have a question. Before you start promoting all these sites on your blog, do you care to read their terms and conditions? Do you think about their privacy policies? Do you know some of this ads network can actually make your site to have a set back? Yes, I shared an experience on how my BLOG WAS COMPLETELY REMOVED FROM ALL GOOGLE SEARCH RESULT, HOW? This is true, long time ago, I was participating with an adnetwork (name not mentioned) due to my eagerness to earn and make money online, I was shocked when I saw that most of my pages have been blocked and could not be seen and crawled by search engines. When I started looking for a way to resolve this issue, I found out that actually, there was a problem and it was caused by that particular Adnetwok.

Now, if you have placed any ads in your template, I mean you did not use the JavaScript gadget, then I tell you, there's a possibility that you might be putting your Blog's Search Presence on Risk. After my experience on PronoahTECH I tell you, its not that safe. I will tell you why. A site like spoutable, Chitika etc should not be place on your scratch template, like placing it at the open head tag <head> or even <body>. This is wrong.

Many bloggers would hear there is an ads network that is paying real well (1$ per click) and everyone will want to participate.

In blogging you must not necessarily become reach overnight but it is a gradual process. A child do not grow overnight.

Those networks are only going to get free traffic from you and you can never cash out because one day you will eventually get tired of it and drop out.

Poor Marketing Strategy

Many of us do not understand the important of exploring a good and efficient marketing strategy.
Many TV channels print fliers just to make sure their business is in front of the masses. You can actually do this by using different marketing platforms like  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, since social networks are growing day after day with millions of new subscribers and more than billions of returning members.

In order to make it in blogging try to fix the above mention common reasons why you don't make it in blogging.


Don't jump into any ads network because you want to make money from it, rather try to read and observe their rules, how they render your site to search engines.

Have you been motivated? kindly make sure you share the post and ask questions where necessary, and we'd get in touch with you as soon as possible!


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    2. you are welcome, hope you share with friends

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