8 Ways Google Has Changed Our Lives!

8 Ways Google Has Changed Our Lives!

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It has been well over a decade and a half since Google had graced our computer screens. And it has been one heck of a journey for the search engine giant. Few can only manage what Google has delivered since its advent. Who would have thought that a simple concept from a garage could reach the top of the world?

Since then Google has brought out a number of amazing innovations. It gives us great pleasure to share some of those accomplishments with our readers today. Here are some of the best ways that Google has helped changed the world, but not necessarily all for the better.


This is where Google received its praise and glory. Its name basically means to look up information online. People now use it as a common term. The main page of the search engine is by all accounts, the most viewed page on the Internet. Because Google indexes much of the world’s online information, anybody can find almost anything they’re looking for.

It Has Changed Our Brains

This one is actually a con. Recent research has confirmed that countless access to online information is bad for our brains. It makes it really hard for us to remember things no matter how hard we try. In fact, as soon as we get away from the screen, we can’t help but recall the very last thing we saw online.

Google is the hotspot for where all the users gather the most.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO didn’t get the buzz it would today until the late 90s. Even Yahoo was starting to pick up on the effect that certain keywords and phrases were having on searches. It was Google that decided to capitalize on this. The founders began to study about ways to pull up the right information instantly.

Google Bombing

Google does not come without its share of humor. That is precisely what a Google bomb is about. It is when someone decides to push a satirical or untrue idea to the top of Google’s rankings by pulling a few SEO tricks. Of course, not everyone will welcome such nasty pranks that contain profane and vulgar content.

It Is The Reason Facebook And Twitter Have Top Valuations

Quick but powerful was the approach that Google was going for. It went out to prove that even potential for something could pay off in a big way. The big breakthrough came when Google was able to scale up their audience to get the attention of ad agencies.

This allowed them to further improve upon their algorithms. This is one of the reasons why many tech companies are willing to shift their focus from profits until they have built up their audience.

It Has Conquered The Mobile Market

Google’s flagship mobile OS, Android, has been killing it ever since the release of their first phone in 2008. Today, it claims about 84% of the market share, leaving the rest of its rivals in the dust.


Google might not have created YouTube, but it was instrumental in its rise when it bought the video-sharing giant just 18 months after its inauguration. Today, YouTube has been localized in over 57 different countries from around the world and up to 100 hours of video content is uploaded onto the site every minute.

Google Maps

With an application like Google Maps, you won’t be carrying any real maps to navigate your way around the world. It matters not where you are in the world as long as you have Maps on your phone. Simply by feeding in traffic data and local transport information followed by the Street View tool, it realistically captures the location of the area that you are in.

It even locks in on your location and will guide you to your destination like a GPS would.


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