How To Root An Android Phone Using Framaroot

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When you root your Android phone, you will be able to enjoy the
benefits of extra memory, the
ability to install custom software, run
special applications and many more.


Any who wants to root his phone pays huge amount to technicians to get
it done for them. But I am going to teach you how you can root your
android phone without the help of a technician also without
PC (Computer), but with an App called framaroot.

How To Root Your Android Phone With Framaroot

1. Download Framaroot
The App is not on Google play store, so to download it, click here

2. Checkmark “Unknown sources

To do this, you have to go to the setting of your phone, then select security and
checkmark “unknown source”. (If you couldnt find “unknown sources” under security, try looking under “Application Setting”)

3. Install Framaroot
Installing this App is very easy. All you have to do is open file manager, locate the folder where you saved the App, tap on the App, and tap on install.

4 Open Framaroot
Once the App is installed, you will be prompted to open the App, so tap on “Open”.

5. Install SuperUser
Once the Framaroot App has opened, go to the drop-down menu at the top and
select “Install SuperUser”.

6. Select Either Of The 3 Characters in LOTR
Once SuperUser is installed, you will be
prompted to select either Frodo, Sam or Aragorn from the list of options displayed. If your selection fail, choose another one till you see a pop-up message telling you that your phone has been successfully rooted.

7. Restart Device
Once that is done, your phone has been

That is just how to root an android
device with Framaroot.

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