Why Are Solar Systems So Cost-effective?

Why Are Solar Systems So Cost-effective?

One of the advantages of living in a private house is the opportunity to modify it for your own needs. Adding alternative energy sources to your house properties is definitely a good idea. For now, solar panels for private houses is the best way to provide your home with plenty of environmentally friendly electricity.


Is it cost-effective to install solar panels at a private house?

Not only millionaires can afford to buy solar panels today. A lot of representatives of middle class can afford them too. Today, there are plenty of effective solar panels with high performance for private houses. These panels can satisfy the need for electricity and heat supply almost completely.
In western countries, the fashion for solar energy is largely dictated by the concern about the environment rather than the search of economic benefits. However, in many countries saving money is the number one reason for the purchase of solar systems.


With the current price of electricity, a system of solar panels, installed at a private home with a family of 4 persons, fully pays back in only 4-5 years. At the same time the service life of solar panels is 20-25 years, but their batteries should be changed every 5-7 years depending on the battery quality.
Since there is no reduction in prices for supplied electricity anywhere in the world, the system will be able to pay off at least 4-5 times within the period of solar panel service.

When is it reasonable to use solar panels?

The intensity of the sun rays in summer is different from their activity in winter. We can assess the effectiveness of solar systems by calculating to what extent solar system provides the household with the required amount of hot water.
On average, solar system will ensure 60-70% of the need in hot water for one house or an apartment depending on the region. Solar energy will almost completely cover all domestic needs in hot water in the period from May to October. In the transitional months solar heating may be used to support the heating system, significantly reducing the consumption of petroleum products and gas.

Advantages of solar panels:

  • absence of harmful exhaust fumes;
  • minimal risk of fire;
  • advanced technologies allow the panels to work effectively all year round, even at night;
  • complete independence from external energy supplies;
  • maximum automation of all work processes;
  • no need for significant investment of additional funds within the period of the panel life;
  • long battery life – up to 25-30 years;
  • the use of the huge potential of solar energy;
  • quietness;
  • an extensive range of application spheres;
  • solar energy sources are up to 60% refundable by the state;
  • variability. Modern designs allow you to change the configuration of the panel so that it is convenient to you.


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