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Hello zealmatblog fans we are happy to inform you that our award is going to be active from now till January 10 and our prizes will be issued to any of our winner on that same day (January, 10th, and 2017)

Early this year we presented a prize to our noble winner and we hope the next winner will be up soon.

Zealmat is a portal for every young mind in the society at large, and giving you good tutorials, encouragement and support  and we hope to serve you better.

For you to participate in this award known as the zealmatAward2017 you will have to…..

Hint on How to be Our Noble Winner 

1)  Balance this figure 45,058.28 to give you a total of 50,000.00

2)  Share this link to your twitter account and Facebook timeline using the hash tag  #zealmatAward2017 then send the link to us.

3)  Be An active visitor and subscribe to our newsletter using the box below.

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Prize 🏆
The winner will be issued a certificate and a cash of N3000 or a .com domain name.

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we will support you to advertise your products and services on

He/she will be given a free logo or banner for his/her business or website

With free 100 SMS units for the winner and free one week advert space on proudlyblog. 

Optional: To earn additional point or more chance of winning this domain award you can write about this award on your blog then send us the link for verification here

How to submit your Answers

Use the blogger commentbox below then write in this format below :-

My name is zealmat owner of (or you can put your profession there) and my answer to this question is
45,058.28 + 45,058.28 = 50,000.00
Email : 

Do you want to speak with us privately on any difficulty? Then click here and try to perform this steps or processes before January 10th

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