Blog Of The Year: Joelwilliams Blog

Blog Of The Year: Joelwilliams Blog


Hello zealmatblog fans we are here to present to you the blog of the year Joelwilliams Blog the Nigeria best entertainment blog of the year.


This blog has been in existence since 2015 and the give the latest entertainment updates  and easy and fast in navigation.

During the zealmat week of intensive helping outreach we came across this wonderful young and vibrant man

Joelwilliams Blog has a cool, simple looking design for her visitors and also with free and wide advert space for advertisements.
This site is easy to access both on PC and Mobile which focus on a particular Niche (entertainment).

Our first discussion with Williams on uniqueness:

I finally Made my own blog template!! All those Entertainment bloggers like to suffer for nothing. . .I had to get that ogbonge blog template off my site,and now,I can customise to Any design,I want to make my background an advert space,so that if you click on it,it will take you to the website u are advertising…..

It took me months to get that template done by just reading ur tutorials,sir u are the best,I am saying it againa and again,people are booking to advertise on my blog,3 young girls came to meet me,they want to model on my blog.

I have a list of determinations o! Some might look ridiculous but I mean it

1. To make my Blog popular and powerful

2.Get an estimated number of 1million views

3.To serve as medium to publicise my Novels when I publish them

4.To creat a space for myself in the Blogosphere

5.To Inspire people

6. Make new friends,you never know my dream of schooling abroad could be through my Blog bro

7.Make money

That’s my 7 point Agenda.

Still discussing with Williams

Thats all,I was inspired when I was ten,and since then I have been trying and making effort to accomplish my goals it was of recent my elder bro start putting fire in my buttocks to sign up for Adsense and start earning,that i cant be serving people my stories for free,thats why I asked for Adsense yesterday. . .

What is you financial source in terms of supporting your blog

Am on my own,but I think my financial source is the little savings from the money people dash me,my transport fare going and coming back from school,i dont even eat in school,lol! My older bro is helping out a little,and my mom,although she thinks online business is Illegal but i have made a promise to change her point of view about online business,the good aspect of it though.

Congratulations Williams Joel

You can drop your site link for zealmat week of intensive helping outreach 

Finally, as ever, I would ask you to help us by telling us about the things that we can improve upon. We cannot tackle every issue as quickly or as well as either you or I would like, but we will make every effort to follow through. Thank you.

Zealmat Team

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