Things to Note Before Buying Adwords Voucher

Things to Note Before Buying Adwords Voucher

Google and AdWords partners sometimes distribute promotional codes for AdWords advertising. These special offers can be used to redeem credit that gets applied to your AdWords account.

These days guys selling adwords vouchers are popping up here along with peoples ranting their account is suspended..This is not to disappoint them but just for the advertisers sake and prevent their domain to be banned before its too late..

Have you read the Adwords voucher policy ? It clearly states 3 points.

Vouchers can only be used on new accounts opened in the last 14 days with a new billing address located in the specified country

An AdWords account can use only one voucher

Vouchers arenot transferable, cannot be sold or bartered Distributing voucher codes on the Internet on media sharing sites or forums is strictly prohibited.

it simply means you are not suppose to buya voucher and use it, and they have methods to detect when you are not playing fair if you don't play fair, why expect them to play fair with you?

Everytime a voucher is distributed, the main goal is to promote adwords to new customers and encourage them to use advertising, See how it works and invest further. The vouchers are supposed to be used with the targeted audience, the target are set in various ways sometime as a special link which you have to use before using a voucher or sometimes a particular demographic. If its your first time using a voucher, even if you are violating the rules, they let you get in. Ultimately you are going to use Adwords and serve the purpose of the voucher anyway.When its 2nd or more time they track you trying to use a voucher or game their system for free stuff, there isn't any reason not to act.

That's the reason you are not banned first time you use a voucherfrom a third party, whether its a bought ortraded.

What happens if they act ?

A quick google search shows up couple hundred people telling their account has been suspended. If you violate Adword policy, here is what happens (From Adwords help articles)..

Domain suspension: Websites that violate our advertising policies may get suspended from running ads. This means that thewebsite can no longer be advertised with Adwords

Account suspension: An account may get suspended if you have several violations or a serious violation. If this happens, all ads in the suspended account will stop running, and we may no longer accept advertising from you Any related accounts may also get permanently suspendedand your new accounts may get automatically suspended at set up.

If your account was suspended for violating our advertising policies,unfortunately we can no longer accept advertising from you. This means that any related accounts are also permanently suspended, and any new accounts that you open will be suspended upon creation is that scary yet ? As a digital marketer you really want your domain to be banned from adwords ? Don't tell me you can cheat them not to track you down with multiple accounts. There is something , something always there which tells them who you are.. Analytics ?Webmasters ? AdSense cookies ?S

Some Myths about handling multiple accounts with vouchers out there -

1. Use proxies :-Proxies were and are never a way to hide your identity without telling them you are using a proxy. Don't beleve me ? yep why you should, because your IP address checking tool tells you NO proxy detected.Well you dont have access to adword tech support so you never know how they found you, but simply signup for 2 accounts with hostgator with 2 private proxies Or VPN Smart guys, they will tell you with respect Sorry sir! we cannot approve your account because you tried to hide your real identity".

2. Change IP address :chaning IP address can help you give a new IP but not helping you to become a complete new person and business until you are hard enough not to use another google account/service on this IP again. Sounds easy ? Not at all.

3. Change MAC Address :Crap! The Value of your MAC ID isnever seen by a browser and your browser have no way to tell google or anyone else what MAC ID you have. If you dont know what MAC id is, its a unique hardware ID of your Network card, and if I have your MAC Id i can track you down till yourflat number in your apartment along with the contact details. The relaxing news is, Its never shared nor a browser have access to it.. (I myself is a CCNA,N+ and Microsoft certified guy,I know what a MAC cando and what cannot). Don't trust me but until you have a better answer you have got not choice.


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