6 Common Causes of Failure in Blogging!

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Blogging is not an easy task, especially when you want to build a successful blog. There is a lot of information out there on how to develop a popular blog, however, there isn’t much information on what may cause a blogger to fail.  Below are a few common causes of failure for a blogger.


1. Apprehension
Apprehension or fear is one of the major causes that makes a blogger or an online business person fail. Your blog may fall into a niche category, and there may be at least four to five bloggers before you blogging in that niche, however, that shouldn’t intimidate you. You will need to work harder to stay a few steps ahead of them. How do they do it? How do they manage to generate all this traffic on their blog? Do a little research, check what’s trending, and before you know it you’ll be a few steps ahead of them.

2. False Impressions
The internet is filled with false impressions or misconceptions. Some of these fallacies pertain to how to make a quick buck – don’t fall for them. They may even tell you that you don’t need a blog to help you make money. These schemes normally focus on certain niches of blogging, so do you your research properly, so you don’t fall for one those hair brained schemes.
You will hear many people online say things like, the niche you are in is too expensive or there is no scope – don’t listen to them. Stick to what you are passionate about and do what you love, and before you know it you will be extremely successful.  You’ll be surprised if strategized properly how a niche can be in demand so quickly, so don’t let anyone misguide you.

3. Procrastination
It is a part of human nature to procrastinate, and become extremely lazy.  In fact, most bloggers are lazy.  This is one of the major reasons that leads to a blogger’s failure.  You need to find a way to beat procrastination before it beats you.
One of the best ways to tackle laziness is set a schedule or a deadline for yourself. Plan out how you want the blog to go about in the digital media space.  Set a target of what you want to write about and how.  Nowadays, sites like WordPress also help set up plans for you, some are free and some are paid – either way both options help motivate you.

4. Loss Of Focus
Sometimes we lose focus of what we want to do.  You could say it is a form of priorities that are misplaced, a prime example of how we manage to place the cart before the horse.
When you are misplacing your priorities, everything will tend to work in reverse order because you are probably doing the last thing first or you are doing the first thing last.
When you lose focus on blogging or give importance to something else, you have a tendency to deviate from creating content and starting worrying about pushing traffic on the blog.  The best way to keep track of what is important and what isn’t is to jot down what your process is and what is making you successful.  That way, if you deviate or misplace your priority, the plan will help you come back on track.
It also helps reading your blog archives to see how far you have some as a blogger.

6. Other Activities
Sometimes, before you sit down to write, you think: let me grab a cup of coffee, or let me watch a movie, or hey I haven’t played that game as yet!  You get demotivated and start doing things that may entertain you, but you don’t realize that this is one of the many things that causes a blogger to fail.  You could be improving one writing your blogs or planning the next blog related activity. Set your priorities straight so you don’t miss or get side tracked by entertainment.

7. Not Keeping Up
If you don’t invest in what make you a niche blogger, or you don’t know the tools you can use to help you improve your blog – then you can make sure you are setting yourself up for failure.  It’s great that you feel comfortable in what you are doing, but it is even better when you push yourself to grow by gaining knowledge of what is going on out there.
Stay connected and up-to-date with what is happening in the digital world.
Blogging takes a great deal of time, patience and effort. Follow these steps on not to fail and you will go far.

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