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How to Cancel a Recurring Payment on PayPal As a Merchant

PayPal is a service that enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments. ... Register your credit card or debit card with your PayPal account. You can pay by simply choosing PayPal at checkout, logging into your PayPal account, and confirming your payment.


Step 1
First you need to log in to your PayPal account.

Step 2
Then navigate  to your Account click Overview.

Step 3
Now Scroll down to Tools and select Recurring Payments.

Step 4
Below activity search the recurring payment profile you want to terminate.

Step 5
Finally Click Details and cancel the recurring payment. Follow the online prompts.
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How to Install XAMPP for Windows

XAMPP is a free and open source cross-platform web server solution stack package developed by Apache Friends, consisting mainly of the Apache HTTP Server, MariaDB database, and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and Perl programming languages.


Today  we are going  to be talking on how to install xampp for windows so just follow the steps carefully.

Step 1
First on your web browser,  visit the XAMPP website you can download any type of xampp version you want.


Step 2
Then quickly click on the download link for XAMPP.

Step 3
After being prompted for the download, click "Save" and wait for your download to finish.

Step 4
Install the program, and click on "Run" quickly on your computer.

Step 5
Accept the default settings. Then a quick command will open and offer an initial installation prompt. 

Step 6
Now press the Enter button on your keyboard, and accept the default settings.  

Step 7
After your installation is complete, exit the command window by typing x on the command line.

Step 8
Now Start the XAMPP Control Panel.


Step 9
Start the apache and MySQL components. You can also start the other components, if you plan to use them.

Step 10
Verify the Apache install, by clicking on the Apache administrative link in the Control Panel.

Step 11
Then Verify the MySQL installation, by clicking on the MySQL administrative link in the XAMPP Control Panel.

Step 12
Finally the verification steps is successful, XAMPP should be successfully installed on your PC. Open a browser and enter "localhost" on your address bar. You will be redirected to a page telling you that you've successfully installed xampp on your system that's all you need.
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How to Write Blog Titles that Get Thousands of Click

author-pic About author
Emenike Emmanuel is a business blogger, a freelance writer and coach, a social media strategist and the CEO of Entrepreneur Business Blog. He’s the Lead Coach of The Excellent Entrepreneurs’ Network (TEEN) – and the author of Activating the Ministry of Angels.

Are you wondering why no one cares to read your blog posts despite all your attempts to share it in multiple groups you are a part of?

Would you like to become a guru in writing blog posts that trend all over the internet?

Do you want to know some of the grievous mistakes you are making that is robbing you of massive traffic?
And would you be willing to apply these strategies of writing blog post titles and headlines experts are using to grab attention to themselves in a crowded internet market?

If your answer is yes, then I encourage to pay rapt attention to this article.
I know what it feels like to write spend hours writing blog posts only to be shocked that no one read them. It can be very horrible and devastating. You may have the right content full of insights but until people reads it, you have practically achieved nothing. In fact, with a poorly composed blog post title it becomes even difficult to get them to take action. This is very important. And that’s why top bloggers give so much attention to their blog titles and headlines.

When consulting for bloggers on search engine optimization (SEO) one of the first things I do is to analyze all the already written blog posts. I have mastered this so well that only by retitling blog posts I can double any site traffic.

Most top internet marketers won’t tell you this, but that’s one of our secrets for decreasing bounce rates. The better your blog post titles and headlines, the more time people will stay on your site – navigating from one post and page to another.

In this journey, I have discovered that most people don’t click on blog titles that don’t excite them. Therefore if you want to generate massive traffic to your blog then you have to consider optimizing your blog titles and headlines for search engines.

Why You Need to Write a Killer Blog Post Title
For several reasons, top bloggers do adequate blog post planning before forging ahead to write an article. Top in their list is to write a killer blog post that goes on to trend and are easily discoverable on the internet.
In case you want to downplay on the importance of writing a killer blog post title and headline let me tell you why you shouldn’t.

Your Blog Post Title is Like a Hook
Is your blog post title taking your potential readers by the shoulder into your content? If not, why not? This is exactly what your blog post title should be like, a hook. It should be so creatively optimized that it will be very difficult for anyone who stumbled into it to pass without clicking to read. Failure to get this straight means that your potential readers will consistently land on your homepage and never click on any article because it doesn’t excite them.

It Shows Up on Search Engine First
It’s true you shouldn’t write for robots but of what value is it to spend hours crafting a powerful content only to sell it to the audience with a messy title that doesn’t relate and can never pop up on search engine? I’m sure you will agree with me that it is not worth it all.
Before settling for any title or headline you must put into consideration keywords or phrases you would want that very article to rank in on Google. Take this publication as a case study: it will likely show up on Google when a search on “How to Write Blog Titles” is made.

If It Doesn’t Catch Potential Readers’ Attention They Won’t Read
In business, you place customers first and in writing, you put readers first. It is as simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less. You must learn this as fast as possible if you desire to growth hack your blog traffic, affiliate sales and general online business profit within a short period of time.
Your readers are the basis for which you are there as a writer or a blogger. You can’t continue the usual way of serving a handful of readers, most of who you must beg before they read your article. Therefore you must make sure your post title and headline are captivating, emotional and solution-driven.

How to Write an Effective Blog Post Title and headline
It doesn’t require rocket science to figure out and master how to write an effective blog post title and headline. Sometimes it may require a sort of A/B Testing to conclusively come to terms with what resonates with your target audience. How did I know? I published an article that shows 5 Simple Tasks Top Bloggers Do Daily to Grow their Blog and within a very short period the post had outranked other posts that were there before it.
How was I able to achieve this?
Hold on let’s get down to the real gist.
Ensure Your Blog Titles or Headlines Are Grammatically Correct
How grammatically correct an article title is will to a large extent determine how people respond to it when it shows up on search engine. I can bet you that grammatically incorrect titles will suffer lack of views.
The major area most bloggers mess up so well is the capitalization of titles and headlines. For emphasis, it is incorrect to capitalize articles (a, an & the), coordinating conjunctions (and, but, or, for, nor etc) and prepositions fewer than five letters (on, at, to, from, by etc). But the first letter of nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, pronouns and subordinating conjunctions (e.g. as, because & that) can be capitalized.

Keep It Simple
Keep your blog post title simple and short. Don’t make it a sentence. If possible, stick to 8 to 11 words. A good example is this post, “How to Write Blog Titles that Get Thousands of Click.” Some of the reasons for doing this is to make it easily discoverable on the internet.

Make It Look Like a Question or an Answer to One
When people go on search engine to find out something, a good number of them position their search in the form of a question. So to grab the attention of these prospect readers, your article title should be in the form of a question or answer to it.
Favourite places one can go to know what people are asking for include: Facebook group, Quora, Google search etc. Armed with these information, you can go ahead to tweak your headlines and titles to improve your website traffic.

Try Adding One of Your Keywords in Your Title
Keywords in domain name, title, headline, sub-headline and within the content help online entrepreneurs to increase their global ranking. By all means, focus on your niche. Don’t write misleading posts. Don’t try to be poetic when it is totally out of place with your blog niche.
Just before I round up this post, I have this takeaway for you:

  • The first title that landed on your mind may not always be the best, put it to test.
  • Visit authority blogs in your niche to see what their most popular posts are like. Blog posts having high number of social shares and page views will most likely be have unique titlesu and headlines.
  • Use odd numbers like Top 3, Top 5, Top 7, 5 Ways, 11 Reasons etc.
  • Try expert roundup post.

If you apply all the strategies outlined in this post nothing can limit you from doubling your site traffic.

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How Facebook 360 Can Spice Up Your Content

author-pic Author Bio:
Umer Ali is a Social media Expert and He learns Online to Provide Social media Education to the more youngest and they will get benefit from the Social media he is also working as a web development in Pakistan.

Millions of hours of everyday video watch blended with billions of photographs uploaded on facebook identical a genuinely large number of social media users who're posting, sharing, and liking all types of content every unmarried day.


For plenty phone customers, capturing recollections on a smartphone or pill is a regular part of life, however how we let others revel in the ones moments may want to soon be converting.
Facebook 360 launched in 2015 as a modern, interactive manner to shoot video and take pics and, at the same time as generation maintains to improve, innovative social media capabilities maintain an awful lot capacity for on-line content material advertising and marketing experts.
These days, we are able to take a more in-depth look at what facebook 360 is, who uses it, and what content material creators need to hold in thoughts for the year ahead.

What is facebook 360?
Facebook 360 permits publishers throughout an expansion of industries to showcase the great in compelling memories through the manner of video and pictures. The enjoy takes visitors inner a whole new world that can be optimized for their comfort as they engage on the center of the motion.
A new angle on films:
Facebook 360 first allowed users to take advantage of video abilities of their information feed, giving them a desire of digital camera angles and permitting viewers a brand new view on what they had been seeing. The audience can engage with the screen, switch the attitude of the camera, and be part of the instant without being there in individual.
Huge names in the enterprise have hopped onboard the 360 video generation fashion to reach their target audience in an entirely new way, consisting of:

Countrywide geographic

Good-bye, flat pics – hello, interactive snapshots:
In 2016, social media customers were introduced to 360 photographs, which are as simple as using the app or supported camera to take a panorama image, put up it, and allow the website to convert it to an immersive and interactive revel in.
In contrast to traditional photographs, 360 create a 3D view of the surroundings and offer the target audience a danger to be involved in the scene. All of the unexpected, pictures can pass from flat to real-lifestyles, proper before our eyes.

How content creators can use facebook 360 in storytelling
There may be a lot of ability for content creators to apply facebook 360 in telling the story in their logo, sharing their message, and riding clients to respond.
Social media customers ought to doubtlessly pass away from a traditional video medium, where the experience is a controlled, one-way narrative, to an entirely new international of discovery and interaction along with your brand.
While the content introduction is simply beginning to scratch the floor of facebook 360, there is what seems to be infinite capacity for keeping a target market engaged and excited through a two-manner medium.
Whether we're looking Facebook stay or sharing native videos, we experience content on a private degree. It's one factor to talk about an event and notice an image of a product, but it’s something else altogether whilst we feel like we’re there in real-time as a participant.

1. Recall the first 3 seconds
Research has tested that content entrepreneurs have best a precious few seconds to seize the video visitors’ attention and lead them to want to live earlier than they flow onto something else.
Analyzers observed that once human beings watched less than 3 seconds of a facebook video ad, that organization created up to forty-seven percent of the whole marketing campaign fee. When the time rose to less than 10 seconds, that variety jumped up to 74 percent.

Facebook enterprise:
The primary several seconds are essential, and too often the hook isn’t there, or it isn’t sufficient to pique the interest of a reader.
Capturing the eye of your visitors on the very beginning and retaining them for simply 8 seconds will paintings wonders on your content efforts. Remember that price will increase the longer human beings watch and that the wide variety of views alone is not necessarily an illustration of video price; it’s ok to test with shorter video content material.

2. Let the video inform the tale
When you are prepared to expose off something new, communicate approximately a brand new concept, or introduce an exciting content material addition, facebook 360 is a powerful content tool you may use to put all that goodness into an interactive layout.
For instance, rather than virtually announcing a unique event, you can take your users in the revel in by using shooting video and leaving them with an invite to join. 360 video is likewise a thrilling option for demonstrating products, interviewing clients, and showcasing a particular region.

3. Don’t neglect the cellular experience

With the aid of taking a medium that is fast growing as the number one supply of internet get entry to and equipping the audience with greater interesting images and films, the potential for engagement ought to upward push in approaches we can’t pretty consider proper now.

Getting started with facebook 360
Whilst there may be still an awful lot to study all of the possibilities that exist with facebook 360, the content attain seems to be huge open. when this type of era is blended with high-quality content that is relevant and steady, there's no restrict to who can be reached with an emblem's story or message.

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How To Make Huge Dollars From Blogging In 2017

author-pic Author Bio
Scarlett Erin is a Career Counselor at Assignment Star. She is also a pro blogger and uses it as a way to earn money. In addition, she offers his services to students who keep searching “write my assignment” on Google.

Blogging is one of the ways people can earn fast money without much hard work. The constant popularity of blogging has transformed it into a proper industry. Today people can live a well-off life thanks to the recent boom in this industry.

Nowadays, bloggers do not depend on the AdSense only to earn money online. Today, blogging offers other smart ways of monetizing your blogging venture and this is what this article is all about.

Let’s start with some facts:

According to a survey, 81% of Americans trust any advice or new information from blogs and it is also one of the reasons for the popularity of this platform.
When it comes to blogging,43% of people use WordPress and 35% subscribe to Blogger, while 16% follow Tumblr and 6% trust the other platforms.
Here we’ve rounded up 7 tips to empower you to earn quick money with blogging:

1. ChooseThe Right Blogging Platform
Earning hefty amount from blogging depends on the blogging platform. When it comes to making money, it is none other than WordPress that lead the blogging market.
WordPress consists of arange of plugins, add-ons, and various themes. These features of WordPressare what empower you to earn money in an efficient manner.

2. Make Use Of The Native Ads
In this year, bloggers will be using native ads to monetize their blogging gigs. In this year, the popularity of native Ads is likelyto increase threefold.
As a matter of fact, native ads assist the advertisers in reducing banner blindness and that eventually enables publishers for making more money from websites.

3. Do Affiliate Advertisements
Affiliate advertisement is another effective way of generatingincome from blogging. It allows you to refer anyone to any particular online product.If someone buys the product, you get your commission.
You can get many helpful online tips to help get the maximum financial benefits out of affiliate marketing for your blogging in this year.

4. Monetize Your Skills InVideo TrainingAnd E-Book Writing
Nowadays, people prefer buying E-Books or opt for any online course than going to brick and mortar business. It means that you have another chance to make money.
Therefore if you have skills in self-publishing, it is the right time to cash in your skills by offering online courses and E-Books.

5. Choose“Direct Advertisements” Over Adsense
AdSense is not a bad advertisement program but it foists few limitations which come in your way to earning money.
One of the biggest limitations is the limited amount of money which anyone gets paid through per click.As an alternative, it is better to gofor direct ads than rely on AdSense if you want to have more dollars in your pocket. You must try BuySellAds for direct advertisements.

6. WritePaid Reviews
Being a blogger, you cannot overlook the monetary opportunities that come with paid reviews. Paid reviews enable you to make a huge amount of money; therefore you can make a lucrative career out of your writing skills.
If you’ve been writing for SEO or webmaster tools, people may contact you to review their different products on your own blog which can help you earn a decent amount of money.

7. Offer Your Own Services
Offering your own service is also a great idea to make money. You need to find out your forte.Youcan render your services in content writing, graphic design or web development. Depending on your particular set of skills, you can elevate your career in a good range ofincome.

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Zealmat Nigeria Phone Repair Tutorials

An electronic telecommunications device, often referred to as a cellular phone or cellphone. Mobile phones connect to a wireless communications network through radio wave or satellite transmissions. Most mobile phones provide voice communications, Short Message Service (SMS), Multimedia Message Service (MMS), and newer phones may also provide Internet services such as Web browsing and e-mail.

Phone Models:
Samsung. Apple. Microsoft. Nokia. Sony. LG. HTC. Motorola. and many more

State in Nigeria which our service could be extended to... through our agents

Zealmat Nigeria Phone Repair Tutorials is a program brought to you by zealmat team to enhance the long usage of mobile phones in our community at large.

Zealmatblog blog as you all know is a tech blog and with different variety of tutorial and we aim in making this program known as zealmat Nigeria Phone Repair Tutorials live on different platform and we will also give you directives on who to refer your spoilt phone to for repair.

We are aiming to increase technology usage in Nigeria even if we are yet to stand first but there is always a believe that with time and devotion we can mkw it so you can send us an email if you will like to be part of this program or if you want to be our agent.

Just send us an email at

Phone repair means Restoration of a broken, damaged, or failed device, equipment, part, or property to an acceptable operating or usable condition or state. See also beyond economic repair, major repair, normal repair, and repairability. Quality Action taken on a non-conforming product so that it fulfills its designed (intended) function, whether or not conforming to the original specifications.

Contact us for shop listing and agent  today on zealmat phone repair
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The Best Strategies to Write Great content for Every Social Media Network

author-pic About author
William Morris is the author of this blog post. William is an expert academic writer and works as a full-time employee for this company best Assignment Writing Service that handles students in their academic writing projects in different topics.

Social media networks required strong writing skills for content writing. However, not every social media mangers consider themselves writers. It should not be difficult writing great content for social media networks. Let’s learn how to write for social media networks by applying these strategies.


Why is it important to write well on social media networks?
Each post publishes on social media reflects brand name of that company. If the person is sloppy, the company will look sloppy too. Even worse, it could weaken the company’s success on social media. Due to this it is important to write in a best way on social media network. The copywriting criteria of social media require some unique skills for distinguishing the efficiency of writers as well as of company. Every company needs to be able to cram value into as few words as possible. It is also essential to be consistent and engaging at all times. This is exactly the cause of writing this post.

Provide clear value to the readers:
Make sure that your posts are able to answer the questions of readers and it would be possible for you by spending time on researching for speaking meaningful to the audience. By this you can tailor the content to help them solve their problems or even just improve their day. Make sure the content you post on the social media would be able to answer the following question. “What’s in it for me” in accordance with the readers perspective. What are the benefits that readers will get by reading the content? Give a tangible benefit tailored to your most valuable potential readers.

Speak Directly to the Audience:
One simple way for connecting to the readers is to write in the second person using words like you and your. It is considered as the simplest technique that immediately makes your writing more accessible and will also grab readers’ attention towards the post.

Headlines matters:
You are writing great content, but you are not writing a title worthy of grabbing attention of the readers. Create better titles that help your posts to be more promotable in the social media networks. Create a new title specifically for sharing your content in social media. Don’t just settle for a single title you must be posting your titles multiple times.

Build Curiosity:
Curiosity is essential for grabbing the interest of the readers. By citing a surprising fact, statistic, and quote or by asking a question are the ways to arouse readers’ curiosity and get them think about how much they have to learn about a topic.

Use Simple Language and Active Voice:
The research about how people read online shows that they actually do not read they scan. Public approaches the social networks feeds in the same way, scanning rather than reading waiting for the thing that catch their eye in the mobile world. Using clear and simple language is the best way to catch the followers’ attention long enough for encouraging them to read more.

Customize for the platform:
While sharing your content, develop the customizable posting feature on each social media platform this includes the headings, image and the description of the content that you are sharing. The social media marketers as well as the social media user is competing to catch the user’s eyes, so the more optimized your post is for a particular platform, the more effective social media promotion will be.

Share at the right time:
Many content marketers ignore this easy idea as it could be considered as a common sense. In favor of greatest commitments, the content that you are sharing need to reach as many people as possible, so you have to go where the crowd is at the time when they are available. Afterward you could accumulate a reorganization timetable for ensuring yourself to post during a certain time of the day. Keep in mind that different social media platforms may not have the same peak times.
Optimize for each Social network:
While the strategies discussed above are universal, there are a few specific to keep in mind for individual networks.

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Comparision Of Various Types Of Native Ads Of Uc Union

Native ads a piece of writing or other material in an online publication that resembles the publication's editorial content but is paid for by an advertiser and intended to promote a product or service.


Here is a comparision of various types of native ads of UC Union.

1. App Wall Ads
This is the most recommend ads type, because of the good user experience and I can also promote my own apps on it. I ingerated App Wall and then UC Union helps to promote my own app for free. Recently they have a bonus plan will offers me extra bonus.

2. Interstitial Ads
It has large ads slot to create visual impact, and the loading speed is faster. The CTR is very high, but the CVR is not so so. The user experience is wrose than App Wall and Banner Ads.

 3. Banner Ads
This ads is the most common, appearing when user play games/apps. The User experience is better than interstitial ads. And the CTR & CVR are good. This type of ads are also recommened. 
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Subscribe GoTV online using UBA Bank U-Mobile app

GoTv Nigeria is a product of Multichoice Nigeria, a subsidiary of South African-based Multichoice Africa, owners of DSTV pay television. ... GoTv Bouquet Nigeria are the GoTv Stations, GoTv packages and GoTv Channels that are available on GoTv Nigeria.

There is now an easy way to subscribe GoTV using the UBA U-mobile app. If you are backing with UBA bank then you have access of doing many things with the u-mobile app, that include paying GoTv subscription. You can download the U-mobile app from google play store to your andriod phone, fill in your account details to register. The process of subscribing to gotv on u-mobile app is as follow

  1. Open your UBA app and login to your UBA bank account.
  2. Click On “Pay Bills”
  3. A page will open to show how many types of bill you can be able to pay with u-mobile
  4. On the open page, click “Cable TV Bills”
  5. Another page will open asking you to choose the TV Cable bill you want to pay, Click on “GoTV”
  6. Select the plan you want to subscribe
  7. Select payment method
  8. Enter your decoder IUC number
  9. Enter your 4 digit U-mobile pin and click confirm.
  10. UBA will show the total amount you will be charge, Click ok to make payment and that is all.
  11. That's all you need enjoy ...

The process of subscribing GoTV with UBA u-mobile is very easy and reliable if you banking with UBA, your GoTV decoder will start showing immediately after payment.
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How To Get Your Page Rank Higher In Google

Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content. You’ve probably noticed that we feel pretty strongly about content. Search engines do, too. Regularly updated content is viewed as one of the best indicators of a site’s relevancy, so be sure to keep it fresh.

Google is tricky. So, focus on what you can do at your end. If you are blogging justconcentrate on your content. Leave SEO to Google itself. I've never done any SEO for my blogs but I get thousands of visitors to my blog every day. I may be a bit extreme, but I don't want to concentrate on the forces like Google that I cannot/or have no control over their logarithms.

Here's what you need to do: 

  1. Keyword research: Find some low to low-medium competition keywords. In the top 10 results you don't want to be seeing all DA 80+ sites, or sites with huge amounts of backlinks. Mozbar is great for determining this quickly. 
  2. Create silos for your site:,, etc.

  • For each of these pages, watch the over optimization. Get your target keywords 
  • in the TITLE, DESCRIPTION, URL in only 2/3 places. Use a synonym for the 3rd. In the content for each page, use the target keyword sparingly. Synonyms are key.

3. Throw 1-2 high PR/PA/DA backlinks at the top of your silo:

This process is a low time-involvement, low-cost way to figure out a definitive answer to: should I keep going forward or not? If you're doing the right things, this method will always get you ranking.
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ICANHELP : Most secured online help platform for Students

Sponsored post

It is the MOST secured online help platform for Students and Low income Earners!!!

What is Icanhelp?
This is a Charity Club like no other. It is built on the Foundation of Sowing and reaping which never ends.

Who are the Icanhelp?
The Icanhelp, are those who are motivated to sow not minding the size. Just to ensure that money goes around and no one is broke.

Sign up today

How Does it Work?
You will have to register either through a referral link from a registered HELPER or DIRECTLY without a referral. After registration, you will be merged with a HELPER whom you are to offer help to with the sum of #20,000 Naira for GRADE A,#10,000 for GRADE B or #5,000 for GRADE C depending on the grade decided during registration.This is to test your commitment to the club.

Step II:  Once you are Confirmed to have made payment to your merged HELPER you are now a Helper.A referal link will be made available to you instantly to enable you refer others and receive help from two (2) helpers with the same (#20,000 or #10,000 0r #5,000) you offered. That means, you get 100% of your initial help offered back to you as HARVEST.

Every help that you offer is called a SEED and that which you receive, is called HARVEST while a member is called a HELPER
Note: Immediately after merging with an approved HELPER, you have till 1:00am (GMT+1) the next 2 days ( ie. if merged on Tuesday, you have till Thursday 1:00 AM) to sow your SEED or you will be deactivated. So, do not join Icanhelp if you are not ready to offer your SEED.
Whether you bring in persons or not, you will recieve your HARVEST NO Games, No Tricks. It that Simple.

Once you are have collected all your HARVESTS, your account will be dormant for 24 hours (called the Fallow Period) after which you can deactivate and then register again. This is to allow other interested helpers participate.
To ensure that you are not banned, you should register only one account at a time, if discovered that multiple account exists, your account will be suspended instantly.

Sign up today

Note: We are sorry that we could not offer you 200%, 300%, 400% or 500% and that is because We will NEVER make promises we are not sure of keeping. We are known for our integrity.
Registration on this platform will attract no Admin fee until 31st of March 2017. This is to enable us maintain the site and keep to our promises. Thank you.
Do the Maths ( for #25,000 you get #50,000, #20,000 you get #40,000, #10,000 you get #20,000 and #5,000 you get #10,000).

Fact: Icanhelp Charity Club will fail in no time if all you do is register and wait to be paid. It is therefore paramount that you know the TRUTH. Whether you bring in someone or not, you will be paid within 4 days but bringing someone will hasten your payment and keep the system growing.

Sign up today
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Instagram Stories hits 150M daily users

For now, Stories ads will be sold on a cost-per-1000-impressions basis and priced via auction, with any length of view counting as an impression rather than needing to play for three seconds to be counted as a view (like Facebook videos).

Currently there’s no option to click or swipe up to open an advertiser’s website, but Instagram’s VP of business James Quarles tells me “In the future people might want to buy a click or buy a video view and those would be measured differently… We plan to incorporate that in the coming months.

The new Story ads will eventually roll out globally on all interfaces, but will first be tested over the next few weeks with a group of 30 partners, including Capital One, General Motors, Nike and Netflix. Seventy percent of Instagram users already follow a business, and one-third of the most-watched Stories on Instagram were created by businesses, so the company thinks its partners can make ads that won’t bore people into closing the app. They’ll be able to check analytics on their Stories through the Insights button on their profiles.

Instagram could have waited until later this year when Snapchat is supposed to IPO before showing ads. This would have allowed it to retain the advantage of offering Stories without interruption. But clearly Instagram views the growth of its Stories as strong enough to endure any drop-off in usage that ads cause, and parent company Facebook is eager to see more revenue from its photo acquisition.

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“Backdoor” in WhatsApp is in fact a feature

At issue is the way WhatsApp behaves when an end user's encryption key changes. By default, the app will use the new key to encrypt messages without ever informing the sender of the change. By enabling a security setting, users can configure WhatsApp to notify the sender that a recently transmitted message used a new key.


"The fact that WhatsApp handles key changes is not a 'backdoor,'" he wrote in a blog post. "It is how cryptography works. Any attempt to intercept messages in transmit by the server is detectable by the sender, just like with Signal, PGP, or any other end-to-end encrypted communication system."  He went on to say that, while it's true that Signal, by default, requires a sender to manually verify keys and WhatsApp does not, both approaches have potential security and performance drawbacks. For instance, many users don't understand how to go about verifying a new key and may turn off encryption altogether if it prevents their messages from going through or generates error messages that aren't easy to understand.

Security-conscious users, meanwhile, can enable security notifications and reply on a "safety number" to verify new keys.

Ultimately, there's little evidence of a vulnerability and certainly none of a backdoor—which is usually defined as secret functionality for defeating security measures. WhatsApp users should strongly consider turning on security notifications by accessing Settings > Account > Security.
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Effective Teaching with Technology – Tips & Tricks

author-pic Author Bio:
Natalya is one of the famous writers of this blog post who works in the education sector. His efforts are valuable for our viewers. His words and ideas helps in attracting readers effectively. Now working for Write my assignment | Assignmentdoer

The question, what makes a great instructor has been around since ages.
For success, different approaches work better for different students and professionals.

Success is obvious if proper ways and methods are used. More praise on students and letting them to discover integral things for themselves is important and it is not bound to any kind of research. Below mentioned tips and tricks can help students in achieving high grades without any further discrepancies. Follow them and gain success!


  1. Know about your subject: subject knowledge is one of the most important elements that lead towards great teaching. Having a deep knowledge is important and it has significant impact on the learning of students.  Therefore, first know about your subject and then more forward.
  2. Praise is harmful: wrong kind of praise can be harmful and it leads towards low expectations of teachers.Therefore, praise done accurately and on correct time is a healthy sign for students.
  3. What actually matters is good instruction: in order to gain quality education, students should have the power of effective questioning. Along with this proper assessment and teaching style should be design accordingly.With this, students can gain accurate knowledge at the right time. 
  4. Teacher beliefs on count: Mostly teachers involve their students in different activities in the classroom and they are looking towards positive results. Therefore, different activities can help students in knowing about the real world happenings.
  5. A teacher-student relationship is important: teacher-students relationship is important and has great impact on learning. Enhancing a classroom’s environment is important as it helps in building up strong relationships. If students understand their teachers, this can help in generating optimal outcomes.
  6. Try to manage behavior of the students: classroom management is important and proper resources can enhance the effectivenessof students. For this purpose, management sessions can help in achieving quality outcomes.
  7. Learning is difficult in the beginning: learning is difficult in the beginning and it will help students to retain more knowledge in the future. This also helps students in improving their retention strategy, and it will generate healthy outcomes.
  8. Build strong relationship with parents and colleagues: a professional behavior includes proper support with colleagues and parents. It has a moderate effect on learning strategy of the students.

It is essential to understand how students learn and react. Prior learning and experience are important and teachers should recognize how learners can learn in different styles. Learning is an art and appropriate tactics if used, optimal outcomes are easy to generate. This is the best method used to enhance the effectiveness of the students. Learning is only difficult when students are not aware of tactics and learning strategies. Proper working is required to make the learning sessions optimal.

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6 Cutting-Edge Technology Trends You Will Witness In 2017!

author-pic Author Bio
Yasmin Riley is a Senior Editor at a technology magazine at Being in the technology industry, she is into blogging about the contemporary technology trends, latest gadgets, and high-end computing devices. On the weekend, she takes out Xbox and plays games.

2017 is all ready to welcome of the latest and exclusive technologies that the world has yet to seen. We have seen some of the remarkable intelligence behind the cinema and have spotted these in the big companies around the world, but are these techs really this aspiring and real in this life?
Technology is an ever-changing and modifying term that is elaborating its sources and providing better values to the people and the general public. The use of increasing and innovation the tech level is the supplement of easy and comfort. People are genuinely introducing different methods to eradicate the simple functionalities and working towards reliable services this way.

Although there are a lot of trends that we are predicting this year, but some of the massive, game-changing and dependable technologies are listed down below:

1- AI and Smart Homes 
Artificial intelligence is present in our everyday lives now. From mobiles phones to the internet and the office registration system, everything has some detect and sensory motion feature installed in it. This year we are looking forward to smart homes that will make the lives easier and more functional. From voice commands and hand gesture features, these will be a remarkable option for you to control.

2- Virtual Reality 
VR is the modern art of displaying and communicating with various techs and gadgets that are allowing people to actually interact with others in just a blink of a second. This is no doubt one of the latest and advanced techs this year that are already being implemented in various industries such as education, traveling and more.

3- 3D Printing
3D Printing isn’t a new and latest addition in the market, yet they are still not common because of the sky high prices. The cost of 3D printing is gradually declining as compared to what it was a year ago and there is more cost cutting expected this year. 3D printing is a standard service that will allow to you put your ideas and concepts into visual reality.

4- Machine Learning 
This is a combination of many technologies and services that will require complex algorithms to observe and predict the processing. The technology will be implemented in various industries, consumer products, and smart advisors. There is a ton of scope for this technology as it can cut the burden of the actual cost and work by half.

5- Intelligent Innovations 
Smart Appliances and devices, drones and other such technologies are the innovative techs that we are predicting this year will bring. These trends are inspired by the constant use of the technology and services and are already spotted in many industries and around the world. From beauty solutions to self-automated vehicles and products, these too are expected to go along way.

6- AI and Apps 
Mobile and desktop apps are separating themselves from the old-fashioned use and algorithms of judging the behavior and patterns. They are moving to a far more complex and standard method of prioritizing your tasks and making a more effective and diverse range of solutions. We are expecting more of the AI solutions to slowly incorporate many apps by the end of this year.

A few years back, smartphones were considered a breakthrough, the slim design and touch technology was considered elaborative and striking and people were mesmerized by how the various elements of tech functionalities can be combined into a single system.

Nonetheless, with the passage of time smartphone were present in every other household and new technology started pouring in. Similarly, 2017 is promising us new techs and services that will enlighten our strategies and focus on cutting edge technology.

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Symmetry vs. Asymmetry - Recalling Basic Design Principles

author-pic Author Bio
Michael Kamm is the Marketing Executive at Invictus Studio - professional logo design company. He has been in the digital marketing for past three years and specialized in blogging, digital Marketing, and marketing campaigns.


It is a human behavior that shows how the mind arranges and structures the visual data; we actually create order out of things we see in our minds. Symmetry is beautiful; it gives a cooling effect to our eyes and we tend to have a balanced look. It leads to a sense of harmony and pleasant feelings to what we see, but at times can be a little boring too. It is natural that human eyes look for completeness and satisfying effect, this takes us to symmetric look which is a balanced, aligned, consistent and stable design. Just recall the world’s most famous brands and consider the symmetric property they possess in their logo designs. For example, remember McDonald’s logo, see how its logo is in line with light curves at fine lines in the ends. Don’t you get a pleasing effect if you start thinking about it?
Asymmetry, on the other hand, even while lacking in aligned attractiveness is yet more dynamic and engaging. Why is this so? Every brand is unique and perhaps due to the most different interactions in asymmetrical forms the viewer’s take these designs as more lively and vibrant. It creates a visual strain and prevents objects from appearing stationary and apparent. Many other forms of asymmetrical forms lead to more attractive and artistic designs that catch the visual attention of the audience.
So, the questions is, which design is right for a website or a logo; symmetry or symmetry? Well, it depends on how and what are we communicating, which then follows with the design we show to the audience. Describing a formal website would support a symmetric design, but the website of a media agency or somewhat that leads to creativity; asymmetric design are mostly preferred.

The above symmetrical logo designs typically reflect the work of a professional logo design company, it shows us the perceived beauty in the designs and gives a satisfying feeling when we look at these logo designs. It is most appropriate to use symmetrical forms where recall is necessary just like in icons or logos of brands.
Symmetry would have us believe we need it for its perceived exquisiteness and asymmetry would have us believe we need it for its perceived attentiveness. Asymmetry grabs our attention. Symmetry helps us remember and the designers work for both designs.

You know what most of the custom logo and website design companies are doing while designing. They are basically putting both forms in the designs considering the most relative way for a particular design to work. It requires extensive research about the company’s product and goals and then the best form either it is a symmetric or asymmetric are used, and each does what it does best. The best designer is the one who always tries getting a harmonious balance between the two in his designs. He knows that symmetry is elegant, but yet sometimes be dull and static and asymmetric designs are creative and exciting.

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How to Withdraw Money From Google Adsense

The program is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.

Google doesn’t disclose information about how they distinguish those clicks, but one of those invalid activities is clicking on ads on your own site. If you violate the AdSense policy too often, you might even get banned from the network and lose the whole outstanding payments.

Step 1
First Sign in to your Google Adsense account to display the Adsense homepage.

Step 2
Choose the “Home” tab if it is not already selected, and then click “Payment Settings” to show the Payment Settings screen.

Step 3
Click the “Add New Bank Account” button to display the Add New Form of Payment screen.

Step 4
Carefully Enter the requested bank account information, including the account holder name, the bank routing number and the account number.

Step 5
Then Click the “Save” button to save your change.

Step 6
Now Wait up to five days for Google to deposit a test amount into your bank account.

Step 7
Sign in to Google Adsense once more, click “Payments” and then “Payment Settings” to show the Payment Settings screen.

Step 8
Click “Verify Test Deposit” and enter the test amount that you noted.

Step 9
Then click the “Submit” button, which verifies your account. When the deposits into your Google Adsense account reach the payment threshold.

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Zealmatblog 2017 Domain Name Award Winner

The zealmat team are happy to inform all our wonderful viewers that the D-day is here and we are happy to present to you the qualified winner of the zealmatblog 2017 domain award.

The date which was scheduled for the conclusion was extended to today which is 09-02-2017, and we did one on one interview with some of the nominees and we were able to get one lucky winner.

This award is designed to help the young and vibrant beginners in the blogging sphere, this activity started since 12-12-2015.

Let me introduce to you the winner of  zealmatblog domain name 2017, his name is.......

Yeah so you really want to know who this lucky winner is....  ok
His name is.......
No first when we started this award it was very funny but we have to make this more serious but don't give up because next year can be your turn just believe in what you do and have passion for it.

The lucky winner is

Golden Okechukwu
An online marketer and an entrepreneur

Kennedy prosper
owner of 

harrison oliaku 
owner of

Paul Damy 
owner of

We the zealmat team are very happy for the final conclusion of her award for the year 2017, the award was based on regular participation and the zeal you have towards blogging.


The winner will be given a cash  to purchase his/her preferred domain and if he/she can't we will do it for him/her free.

we will support you to advertise your products and services on

He/she will be given a free logo or banner for his/her business or website


With free 100 SMS units for the winner and free one week advert space on proudlyblog. 

Admin Remark
Thanks to everyone who participated for this award, I know it might be little to those who might be more than me but half bread is better than non, please if you know that you tried your possible best to get this award we say thank you and this will not be the last award, and we are also sorry for the delay of the results it was due to our economic lol but we are happy for this lucky winners, and we also pray that may the lord Almighty continue to strengthen you and your work.

                                    Thank you
                           By: Mathias O. Amodu
                                     CEO zealmat.

For more enquires you can call us or email us here

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Types Of Virus And Malwares Their Causes And Remedies

author-pic About author
Gift Amadi, a web designer and passionate tech blogger, and the founder of

Facebook, Twitter

It is important you know common virus and malwares that affects your smart devices so you will learn to prevent them.

In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to remove virus and malwares from your android phones and tablets and also how to avoid any virus or malwares from affecting your phone in future.

Android phones are infected with virus or malware through the installation of third-party apps.
Downloading of android applications outside the Google play store has a high level of risk infected. If you must download any application through any means apart from the Google play store, then make sure you read more about the site to find out if the site can be trusted or not, if you think that the site cannot be trusted then don't put your smartphone at risk.

First I'll start with the types of virus

*The Gunpowder Virus
This virus sneaks to an android or tablet phones through the installation of Nintendo Game emulator and other Game emulators installed from an entrusted site outside the Google play store.

The Mazar Virus
This type of virus enters android phone via text message to download Tor Browser.
But fortunately, this particular virus is rear but may spread in the future.

The Godless Virus
This virus is usually delivered via download of legitimate apps but not from Google play store such as games and flashlights from an unknown source.

How To Remove These Virus From Your Android Phones

If your android phone or tablet is already affected with any of the virus listed above, and you want to remove them, just follow the steps given bellow.

Put your phone in safe mode;
This help to prevent the installation of application from third party. You can put your phone on safe mode by holding the power button, then select to restart phone in safe mode.

Identify the affected app and then hold the app until an option to uninstall the app pops up then you make sure that you uninstall the app.

If you cannot identity the affected app, go through your list and select any app you know you have installed, click and hold the app until it displays app info and then you uninstall the app.

If it still doesn't uninstall, then your final remedy might be to flash the smartphone, just search up on google and you would find lots of tutorials on how you can flash your phone there or simply read up this article HERE

You are done just reboot your device and make sure you follow the guides to prevent virus in the future.

Types of Malware
There are a lot of malwares but from my researches they almost behave alike and have similar features so I decided to merge them to one..

*HummingBad Malware: This is a deadly Android Malware which has infected over 10Million Android devices. The malware is a rootkit which installs itself deep inside a phone’s operating system to avoid detection and gives its creators complete control over the handset.

How Do I know if My Android Smartphone is Infected With HummingBad Malware?

If your phone starts displaying unusual advertisements, or you start running out of data on your mobile plan a lot sooner than usual, then you might be infected. But odds are you won’t ever know.

Signs include receiving unexpected “system update” notifications, prompts to install a new app, or finding apps on your phone that you didn’t put there, and your battery that drains more rapidly than normal.

You can also download Avast antivirus, Lookout Security Software, 360 Security software and it will detect the Malware.

How to Get Rid of HummingBad Malware?

If you are one of the unfortunate victims of HummingBad malware, the only solutions will be to factory reset your device.

>> Create a backup of the data and content on your phone or tablet.

>> On your infected phone or tablet, tap on Settings > Backup and reset > Factory Data Reset. The location of Backup and reset will differ on various Android phones and tablets, but it will be relatively easy to find.

>> Tap Reset phone or Reset device. Your device will reboot in Recovery mode and will start wiping your infected phone or tablet.

>> Once your phone or tablet reboots you can start the setup of your HummingBad-free device.

That is it! Sources of the malware comes largely from unverified apps and unprotected website filled with ads. We just have to be careful. Note viruses and malwares may seem similar, but if you look closer you would discover their differences.

Have your smartphone ever had an encounter with a malware or virus? Were you successful in getting rid of them? Please make sure you drop your comments or if you have any enquiry in the comment box and I'll ensure I respond.

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Reasons Why Retails Only Accept Visa Or Mastercard But Not Both

Visa Card
A credit, debit or prepaid card branded by Visa Inc., a major payments technology company. Visa cards are available to individual and business consumers with excellent, good, poor or no credit.


Worldwide credit card corporation that works with financial institutions to issue credit cards. The credit cards distributed by the company are done so under the MasterCard brand, which is one of the three major credit cards accepted at vendors across the world. The credit provided to card holders is controlled by the financial institution that issues the card and not MasterCard. MasterCard converted from a privately held company to a public company on May 25, 2006.

There are two ways to accept a particular credit card brand in most countries:

Apply to accept payment cards via a payment processing company that bundles most of the card types into one statement (for example, Visa, MasterCard and Discover/Diners Club all on one statement).

Apply to accept each card type separately (separate applications for Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Diners Club, American Express, JCB, etc.).

In the U.S. and in many other countries, it is most common for merchants to use a payment processor where they can get Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, JCB and sometimes American Express all on one statement. The exact card mix will vary by country and payment processor. In this case, a merchant that accepts Visa will also accept MasterCard.

An example is Sam’s Club, where for many years they only accepted Discover cards, since they negotiated a deal with them. Later MasterCard decided to strike a deal with them too, and then they accepted Discover and MasterCard. Then American Express negotiated a deal with them, and now they accept everything except Visa, who won’t come down on its prices.  So, if a merchant only accepts Visa or only accepts MasterCard, it is usually because that merchant signed up directly to accept Visa or MasterCard, and did not bother to sign up for the other one.

This is usually because most of their customers use cash, and the signed up to accept credit cards because certain customers requested it, and they choose to sign up only for some of the card types.  In all cases, it is because the merchant chose not to sign up for other card types.
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How To Create Unlimited Email Accounts Without Phone Number Verification

author-pic About author
Seyi Ogunrinola is an online business man and at the same time the owner of You can connect with him on: Facebook Twitter...

Most times we want to open a very important email and we might not have any free number to verify it..

Today I'll share with you how to create unlimited Email Account Without Phone Number Verification

Some do complain that they are sometimes added to compete with some people in a very tasky competitions whereby you vote with emails,Sometimes ago I once found myself in this mess when one of my friends then was in a competition to win a free video shoot on Facebook but due to me not knowing the and I also didn't research much my friend lost to one of the Internet noobs of those days Later I started making researches and got to know that if I was able to create unlimited email accounts I would have created many Facebook account through it then like my friend lost to one of the Internet noobs of those days Later I started making researches and got to know that if I was able to create unlimited email accounts I would have created many Facebook account through it then like my friends post then for him to win. Let's not talk much about my friend so we go straight to the point.

This motivated me to search for how to get unlimited emails without phone number because then I wasted a lot of money buying Sims So today I will be showing you the easiest way to do this.. There's this website known as here you can create unlimited email address without phone number verification..All you need to do is CLICK HERE to visit the site registration page and fill it step by step


After then click on create my account and Lo!

You have successfully create an email address without phone number verification! The good part is that this trick can also be used to create Sliide Airtime Unlimited accounts!

After reading the whole tutorial I will appreciate if you drop a comment or share to your friends

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100 Free Directories For Your Site 2017

Directory submission in SEO is process of submitting our website URL on various business directories or web directories to create backlinks.


Backlinks are used by search engines to improve ranking. If you have more backlinks to your website from relevant websites, ranking of your website will improve.

NOTE : Directory submission is old ways of getting backlinks, it’s not as useful today as it was in past.

It is a powerful method to create back links. But, it takes a long time to get your website approved for back links. Or you have to purchase the paid version for quicker approval.

Happy New Year Enjoy😁
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