How To Make Huge Dollars From Blogging In 2017

How To Make Huge Dollars From Blogging In 2017

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Scarlett Erin is a Career Counselor at Assignment Star. She is also a pro blogger and uses it as a way to earn money. In addition, she offers his services to students who keep searching “write my assignment” on Google.

Blogging is one of the ways people can earn fast money without much hard work. The constant popularity of blogging has transformed it into a proper industry. Today people can live a well-off life thanks to the recent boom in this industry.

Nowadays, bloggers do not depend on the AdSense only to earn money online. Today, blogging offers other smart ways of monetizing your blogging venture and this is what this article is all about.

Let’s start with some facts:

According to a survey, 81% of Americans trust any advice or new information from blogs and it is also one of the reasons for the popularity of this platform.
When it comes to blogging,43% of people use WordPress and 35% subscribe to Blogger, while 16% follow Tumblr and 6% trust the other platforms.
Here we’ve rounded up 7 tips to empower you to earn quick money with blogging:

1. ChooseThe Right Blogging Platform
Earning hefty amount from blogging depends on the blogging platform. When it comes to making money, it is none other than WordPress that lead the blogging market.
WordPress consists of arange of plugins, add-ons, and various themes. These features of WordPressare what empower you to earn money in an efficient manner.

2. Make Use Of The Native Ads
In this year, bloggers will be using native ads to monetize their blogging gigs. In this year, the popularity of native Ads is likelyto increase threefold.
As a matter of fact, native ads assist the advertisers in reducing banner blindness and that eventually enables publishers for making more money from websites.

3. Do Affiliate Advertisements
Affiliate advertisement is another effective way of generatingincome from blogging. It allows you to refer anyone to any particular online product.If someone buys the product, you get your commission.
You can get many helpful online tips to help get the maximum financial benefits out of affiliate marketing for your blogging in this year.

4. Monetize Your Skills InVideo TrainingAnd E-Book Writing
Nowadays, people prefer buying E-Books or opt for any online course than going to brick and mortar business. It means that you have another chance to make money.
Therefore if you have skills in self-publishing, it is the right time to cash in your skills by offering online courses and E-Books.

5. Choose“Direct Advertisements” Over Adsense
AdSense is not a bad advertisement program but it foists few limitations which come in your way to earning money.
One of the biggest limitations is the limited amount of money which anyone gets paid through per click.As an alternative, it is better to gofor direct ads than rely on AdSense if you want to have more dollars in your pocket. You must try BuySellAds for direct advertisements.

6. WritePaid Reviews
Being a blogger, you cannot overlook the monetary opportunities that come with paid reviews. Paid reviews enable you to make a huge amount of money; therefore you can make a lucrative career out of your writing skills.
If you’ve been writing for SEO or webmaster tools, people may contact you to review their different products on your own blog which can help you earn a decent amount of money.

7. Offer Your Own Services
Offering your own service is also a great idea to make money. You need to find out your forte.Youcan render your services in content writing, graphic design or web development. Depending on your particular set of skills, you can elevate your career in a good range ofincome.

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