6 Cutting-Edge Technology Trends You Will Witness In 2017!

6 Cutting-Edge Technology Trends You Will Witness In 2017!

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Yasmin Riley is a Senior Editor at a technology magazine at www.essaystar.co.uk. Being in the technology industry, she is into blogging about the contemporary technology trends, latest gadgets, and high-end computing devices. On the weekend, she takes out Xbox and plays games.

2017 is all ready to welcome of the latest and exclusive technologies that the world has yet to seen. We have seen some of the remarkable intelligence behind the cinema and have spotted these in the big companies around the world, but are these techs really this aspiring and real in this life?
Technology is an ever-changing and modifying term that is elaborating its sources and providing better values to the people and the general public. The use of increasing and innovation the tech level is the supplement of easy and comfort. People are genuinely introducing different methods to eradicate the simple functionalities and working towards reliable services this way.

Although there are a lot of trends that we are predicting this year, but some of the massive, game-changing and dependable technologies are listed down below:

1- AI and Smart Homes 
Artificial intelligence is present in our everyday lives now. From mobiles phones to the internet and the office registration system, everything has some detect and sensory motion feature installed in it. This year we are looking forward to smart homes that will make the lives easier and more functional. From voice commands and hand gesture features, these will be a remarkable option for you to control.

2- Virtual Reality 
VR is the modern art of displaying and communicating with various techs and gadgets that are allowing people to actually interact with others in just a blink of a second. This is no doubt one of the latest and advanced techs this year that are already being implemented in various industries such as education, traveling and more.

3- 3D Printing
3D Printing isn’t a new and latest addition in the market, yet they are still not common because of the sky high prices. The cost of 3D printing is gradually declining as compared to what it was a year ago and there is more cost cutting expected this year. 3D printing is a standard service that will allow to you put your ideas and concepts into visual reality.

4- Machine Learning 
This is a combination of many technologies and services that will require complex algorithms to observe and predict the processing. The technology will be implemented in various industries, consumer products, and smart advisors. There is a ton of scope for this technology as it can cut the burden of the actual cost and work by half.

5- Intelligent Innovations 
Smart Appliances and devices, drones and other such technologies are the innovative techs that we are predicting this year will bring. These trends are inspired by the constant use of the technology and services and are already spotted in many industries and around the world. From beauty solutions to self-automated vehicles and products, these too are expected to go along way.

6- AI and Apps 
Mobile and desktop apps are separating themselves from the old-fashioned use and algorithms of judging the behavior and patterns. They are moving to a far more complex and standard method of prioritizing your tasks and making a more effective and diverse range of solutions. We are expecting more of the AI solutions to slowly incorporate many apps by the end of this year.

A few years back, smartphones were considered a breakthrough, the slim design and touch technology was considered elaborative and striking and people were mesmerized by how the various elements of tech functionalities can be combined into a single system.

Nonetheless, with the passage of time smartphone were present in every other household and new technology started pouring in. Similarly, 2017 is promising us new techs and services that will enlighten our strategies and focus on cutting edge technology.