Types Of Virus And Malwares Their Causes And Remedies

Types Of Virus And Malwares Their Causes And Remedies

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It is important you know common virus and malwares that affects your smart devices so you will learn to prevent them.

In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to remove virus and malwares from your android phones and tablets and also how to avoid any virus or malwares from affecting your phone in future.

Android phones are infected with virus or malware through the installation of third-party apps.
Downloading of android applications outside the Google play store has a high level of risk infected. If you must download any application through any means apart from the Google play store, then make sure you read more about the site to find out if the site can be trusted or not, if you think that the site cannot be trusted then don't put your smartphone at risk.

First I'll start with the types of virus

*The Gunpowder Virus
This virus sneaks to an android or tablet phones through the installation of Nintendo Game emulator and other Game emulators installed from an entrusted site outside the Google play store.

The Mazar Virus
This type of virus enters android phone via text message to download Tor Browser.
But fortunately, this particular virus is rear but may spread in the future.

The Godless Virus
This virus is usually delivered via download of legitimate apps but not from Google play store such as games and flashlights from an unknown source.

How To Remove These Virus From Your Android Phones

If your android phone or tablet is already affected with any of the virus listed above, and you want to remove them, just follow the steps given bellow.

Put your phone in safe mode;
This help to prevent the installation of application from third party. You can put your phone on safe mode by holding the power button, then select to restart phone in safe mode.

Identify the affected app and then hold the app until an option to uninstall the app pops up then you make sure that you uninstall the app.

If you cannot identity the affected app, go through your list and select any app you know you have installed, click and hold the app until it displays app info and then you uninstall the app.

If it still doesn't uninstall, then your final remedy might be to flash the smartphone, just search up on google and you would find lots of tutorials on how you can flash your phone there or simply read up this article HERE

You are done just reboot your device and make sure you follow the guides to prevent virus in the future.

Types of Malware
There are a lot of malwares but from my researches they almost behave alike and have similar features so I decided to merge them to one..

*HummingBad Malware: This is a deadly Android Malware which has infected over 10Million Android devices. The malware is a rootkit which installs itself deep inside a phone’s operating system to avoid detection and gives its creators complete control over the handset.

How Do I know if My Android Smartphone is Infected With HummingBad Malware?

If your phone starts displaying unusual advertisements, or you start running out of data on your mobile plan a lot sooner than usual, then you might be infected. But odds are you won’t ever know.

Signs include receiving unexpected “system update” notifications, prompts to install a new app, or finding apps on your phone that you didn’t put there, and your battery that drains more rapidly than normal.

You can also download Avast antivirus, Lookout Security Software, 360 Security software and it will detect the Malware.

How to Get Rid of HummingBad Malware?

If you are one of the unfortunate victims of HummingBad malware, the only solutions will be to factory reset your device.

>> Create a backup of the data and content on your phone or tablet.

>> On your infected phone or tablet, tap on Settings > Backup and reset > Factory Data Reset. The location of Backup and reset will differ on various Android phones and tablets, but it will be relatively easy to find.

>> Tap Reset phone or Reset device. Your device will reboot in Recovery mode and will start wiping your infected phone or tablet.

>> Once your phone or tablet reboots you can start the setup of your HummingBad-free device.

That is it! Sources of the malware comes largely from unverified apps and unprotected website filled with ads. We just have to be careful. Note viruses and malwares may seem similar, but if you look closer you would discover their differences.

Have your smartphone ever had an encounter with a malware or virus? Were you successful in getting rid of them? Please make sure you drop your comments or if you have any enquiry in the comment box and I'll ensure I respond.

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