Most business bloggers who intend to make fast money from blogging have this question and want to know if Facebook traffic can lead to Adsense account ban? Most of you might have read a lot of this things on internet, but nobody don't know the real true.


The question is
Facebook traffic is not organic,and Then Google consider that traffic is not from search engines,and account can be banned.Is that true?

However, those who have a higher proportion of social media traffic compared to organic search traffic is a common characteristic of those who get banned for invalid activity.

Traffic from social media sites like Facebook have a very low "buyer-intent." These visitors are not coming to the site because they have a pressing issue that needs a solution, they come because they are followers/subscribers on social media. They then click on ads out of curiosity, boredom, or a silly attempt to help you make a profit.... all that shows up as crap, poor converting traffic for those who pay the money for the adverts.

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Social media traffic is not going to get you banned nor is against Google's policies. It is just that you are more likely to get more invalid activity for traffic from those sources. A site needs a lot of natural organic search traffic too.

The best traffic for the advertiser who pay good money is from those with a "pressing issue that needs a solution" .... which comes from organic search

They are a premium publisher and as such negotiate their own terms and conditions directly with Google (the rules that the rest of us have to comply with do not apply

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