How to Boost Amazon Affiliate Earnings

How to Boost Amazon Affiliate Earnings

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One of the ways to earn online income is through affiliate marketing. Basically, affiliate marketers earn a commission when customers who are redirected to an online merchant purchase something. You can offer a program to promote your own brand or sign-up to an affiliate marketing scheme of a company. Either way, it involves a lot of work, smart marketing and promoting the right brands.

Signing-Up to Amazon Associates

Amazon which is one of the most well-known names in the e-commerce industry offers an interesting affiliate program. The company has a distinct advantage because it sells a wide range of products. Hence, you will likely find a niche product that has high value boosting conversion rates.  Once you start making money, the veritable challenge is to increase current earnings.

Go for High End Products

Deloitte studies show that 58% of millennials purchase their luxury products online. With Amazon selling everything from A to Z, this is a market that can be tapped by affiliate marketers. When you target high end and value products, it is easy to increase conversion rates two or three-fold.

Enhance Your Web Copy

The primary purpose of your copy is to sustain or better still, increase traffic to your website that will translate to potential sales using your links. Pay attention to the headline as this is the first thing that a reader will see. Test different words and phrases to see which ones get the best results.

Call to Action

It is also important use the right call to action. How you word your call to action text can have a significant impact on your conversion rates. Position your call to action in different areas to see where it will fit the best. The thing with these tests is that there is no guarantee what will work so only by testing will you get data that will confirm what works for your copy. Experiment with different lengths, style, colors and text sizes.

Use Images and Videos

The power of images is undeniable especially when you are selling a physical product. Test how many images you will use and the size that works best on the page. You can grab your own photos or use the ones provided by Amazon. Videos are also compelling as they not only show how the products look like but also how they are used. Incorporate ‘how to’, ‘unboxing’ or product reviews videos to demonstrate usability and highlight experiences. In addition, you can even earn extra money from ads that appear on your videos if you are uploading to YouTube, for example.


From discounts to free trials, there are several offers you can dangle in front of potential buyers. Just make sure that these are honest offers because often, customers are scared that they will be trapped into something that they do not actually want. Therefore, it is important to word you offers properly and not mislead visitors.

Build an Email List

Emailing is still one of the best ways to reach a wide and diverse range of potential buyers. Obviously, you don’t want to appear like a spammer so approach this persuasion tactic with caution. To do this, add an opt-in form or squeeze page on your website. You might offer a freebie such as newsletters or an e-book when people sign-up. The objective is to gain their trust so you can communicate with customers on a regular basis for product updates, offers and news. Note that compliance with existing laws should not be overlooked to avoid penalties that may be slapped on you for violation of privacy or spamming.

Track Performance

Numbers speak volumes even if your gut feelings tell you otherwise. It is highly recommended to evaluate the performance of your affiliate links as they relate to conversion rates. With an affiliate tracking software, you can easily see if you are doing something right and can use the same strategy again.

Include International Clients

Amazon’s clout is wide and far reaching. Hence, if your affiliate link is only limited to where you are located, you might be missing out on the international market. Install an auto geo location tracker/plugin on your site so that international visitors are redirected to the Amazon store in their respective countries. This way, you will still benefit from the commissions earned when a client purchases something in all Amazon sites.

Tap Social Media

We live in an increasingly social media driven environment. Use the influence of social media to drive traffic into your site. Whether you are publishing instant reviews or introducing a product that has been recently launched, social media can reach a wide range of audience from baby boomers to the Generation Z. For example, Instagram and Snapchat are favored by a younger audience (under 25) while Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter have diverse demographics including seniors. Interestingly, 85% of luxury goods customers use social media which strengthens the proposition that you can boost conversion rates by tapping the high-end goods market.