How To Convert A Facebook Account To A Page

How To Convert A Facebook Account To A Page

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It is a pleasure i make it known to you that Facebook has released a new tool which allows users to be able to convert their personal account into a Facebook Page. A key difference between the two features is that users can simply like a Page while on the other hand, they must  make friends in
other to establish a mutual relationship with a Facebook account, which simply makes Pages a much better solution for businesses and public figures.

I’ve been longing for this time to come when i will be able to move all my “friends” to a Page and set up a new account in other  to maintain a more personal relationship with people I actually know. While that might be a somewhat limited use case, it should be a welcome addition for people who were previously a bit too loose in terms of who they accepted into their
Facebook accounts.

Also, Facebook Pages can  be included in Interest Lists, and can be “Liked” by other pages. Know it that you can help to promote each others business with just a simple like. You all are living witness that Facebook accounts are just limited to "*5000*" friends, although followers aren’t limited. So you may need to swap to a Page if you have reached your elastic limit.
Also, if you’re promoting a business with your personal Facebook account, it is pretty dangerous because you could risk having your account deleted.

How To Convert A Facebook Profile To A Fan Page

Many Facebook users are unaware that a Facebook profile can easily be converted into a fan Page. Facebook calls the process a “Profile to Business Page Migration” and it can be done through accessing this tool

Convert your account here.

When You Convert Your Facebook Account To A Page, Here is What Happens!

  • Friends and followers will be migrated to fans of your new Facebook page.

  • Username will become the username for your page.

  • Name will automatically become the Page’s name.

  • Profile picture will become your page’s picture.

  • The new page won’t show up in your follower’s interest lists.

  • You won’t be able to see personal messages from your old accounts.

  • Your updates and photos from your account will not transfer to the page.

  • You will be member of NO GROUP because you will no longer be in any of the group you joined initially.

To Convert To A Page Here Is What You Will Do!

  • You just have to Back up your personal messages, updates, photos and any other personal data which are said to be making use of Facebook’s backup tool.

  • After that, you still have to Change your profile name and address , why? because they both are  for privacy and also in other to  match your business needs.

  • When the above is done, you then Choose a new group admins and page admins for any groups and pages you manage, then Start the migration process.

How To Merge Two Existing Pages, According to Facebook!

Step 1
Go to the Page that has the most likes.

Step 2
Then from the top of your Page, click Edit Page

Step 3
Then Select Update Info

Step 4
Look From the left sidebar,  will see  Resources, click there!

Step 5
After that You then Click the Merge duplicate Pages link. Note it that this link will only appear if you admin two Pages with similar names.

Step 6
Then A dialogue will show Pages you admin that qualify to be merged. Select the Page(s) you wish to merge.

Step 7
Also Note it that  when you’re merging Pages with a location, they must have the same address information.

Reasons Why You Should Convert Your Facebook Account To A Page.

Sometimes your Facebook account maybe too business-like, the best thing to do is to
just create a new page and drag your friends and loved ones into it. Although, This  process will make you loose lots of your personal details, However, if you have used your Facebook account for something that is clearly a business, you need to migrate into a page  before Facebook
deletes your Facebook account.


  1. This feature has been in existing since. Above all, can i give admin to another fb acnt to run the page ?, if yes! Then your post is highly welcome! .

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    1. Yes you can give admin to another Facebook account to run the page

  2. Nice post, but is there any wey that i can convert already created page and existing page to facebook account?