GTBank Nigeria has different types of savings account, some for kids, some for students, some for workers and some for just basic savings. GTCrea8 e-savers for a reason - You would spend less time having to go into the banking hall for basic services.


Want a savings account tailored to your fast-paced, no-time-to-waste lifestyle? One that pays you interest on your money and allows you access to funds whenever, wherever through a globally accepted Mastercard as well as several other electronic means? The GTBank eSavers account is perfect for you!

Pay into your GTBank eSavers account through GTBank’s always-on Internet Banking platform, via cash deposit ATMs or at any GTBank branch. With the MasterCard debit card that comes with your GTBank eSavers account, you can withdraw cash from ATMs that have the MasterCard make purchases via POS terminals, buy airtime online and more.

Things you can do with a GTCrea8 e-savers account

  • Paying cash into your account using GTBank special cash ATMs
  • Ability to buy airtime, Pay cable tv fees and electric bills
  • Ability to withdraw cash within Nigeria and abroad on ATMs
  • Making payments with your card at outlets accepting POS payments
  • Ability to pay in cash and dividend warrants into your account
  • Free access to internet banking.

With a yearly interest of 2.5% on your savings, your GTBank eSavers account gives you extra funds to pursue your dreams.

All across Nigeria, university students like you are opening GTBank eSavers accounts. It’s the new level of coolness and you sure don’t want to be left out.

Having a GTBank eSavers account gives you access to fun activities on your campus, like the incredible Campus Storm events with the hottest Nigerian music acts.