Baidu in English language Best Opinion

Baidu in English language Best Opinion

Baidu has been a dominant Chinese internet search engine company. Baidu offers many of the same products and services as Google, but is primarily focused on China, where it controls the majority of the search market.

In our society today we are targeting english markets and do need to make an english version


but wont be investing in something that isn't easy and simple to reach. If a country is offering products for sale to an english market, I DO expect the product to be in english to avoid

a. law suites
b. complications
c. refunds based on this issue

Try to use Chrome's translate tool, or go around user forums and see if you can get a translation project working. Of course, you have to be willing to actually for this a bit... and seeing that Baidu, unless I'm mistaken, is a search engine, I doubt user translations are even possible. Still, cant hurt to try.