Things to do for better App Store Optimization

Things to do for better App Store Optimization

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Just like the search engine optimization (SEO), there is app store optimization (ASO) too that have many aspects. ASO ensures that your app remains at the top of every app store just like SEO ensures website ranking on search engine result pages (SERP). However we know a lot about the SEO strategies, but what are the things that ASO person does for the better app optimization?


To help you getting your app on the top of stores ranking, I have compiled some of the most productive things which you can do for better app store optimization which has its root in SEO too. So let’s start!

App Name:
Just like the name of the website is critical for the better optimization, the name of the app is also important for ASO. If you want to make a highly optimization friendly app, then you should add your keyword in the app title. The recent study shows that the apps on the top 25 places on different app stores contain their keywords in their title. When you develop an app, you can use 255 characters to title it on the app store. Which is enough to use your keyword. However, do not exaggerate this liberty and do not stuff every keyword of your app.

Maximize the Keyword:
However the ASO strategies remain same through every portal, App Store and Google Play Store have different approaches when it comes to the keyword optimization. The App Store only take 100 characters in their keyword field. This makes the value of keyword placing imperative because you have to carefully research your keyword to maximize organic traffic in the allotted 100 characters. Even if you picked the best keyword, the App Store would determine that on which search string your app will show up. On the other hand, Google Play Store approach is very much like its approach to SEO. Google will not only crawl your app, but it will also crawl the back end of your app just like it crawl any website’s back end work. Google gives you a space of 4,000 characters to describe your app. This is the place where you can use your keyword smartly to optimize it best. Because Apple is not in the scene of the web, Google is much mature in app optimization.

Unique Icon:
Because there is an endless list of apps on every app stores, the importance of uniqueness increases. You should have an icon for your app that should be unique enough that will catch the visitor’s eye. In the icons, Google Play Store and App Store again are different from each other. Both have different sizes and presets. For example, for the icon of iOS app, the size is 1024x1024 pixels whereas android app icon standard size is 512x512.