How Do I Not Screw My Relationship Up

How Do I Not Screw My Relationship Up

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No matter how endurable your love is, with time you will see that the young romantic reckless fleur can faint unless you work on it. And this involves a constant attention to every detail of your best half. After all, as you make surprises during the rose and candy stage it is just natural that surprising each other shall come harder with time. Here, we came up with just a couple of tips that can help your love bloom. Thanks to our friends, Brides Gallery, for providing us with these charming ideas.

1. Keep the magic alive
Speaking of time, it is easy to forget about all the magic that happens in relationship. Football, work, or bills anything can throw you off your stride and you have so many things on your mind that are just… Too trivial. Such things sweep all the magic of relationship under the carpet along with all possible problems, which are likely to dwell thereunder for quite some time already. There is a proverb that every man should build a house, plant a tree and get a son born. Building a house is a metaphor for laying every brick, i.e. paving your relationship step after step via little pleasures of life that unified you in the first place. Never forget about them as they are key to the happiness of you two. For great justice it worth mentioning that working outside the framework of your relations is a good idea as well. It puts your love to a small artificial test and having it passed, the chemistry between you will be thriving like never before.

2. Take care of your looks
It is a nice thing to relax and avoid putting a makeup on, but it’s wise to not overcommit here. Same as in the previous section, your stunning appearance is what drew you to each other in the first place. Getting rid of such asset is counterproductive to your relations. Basically, we suggest you keeping the attitude of the first date. Buy some ultra-fancy clothes, attend the gym or do some sports together, have fun and don’t get too old.

3. Listening and hearing
Why hearing as important as listening? Well, humans are tricky beings. As you live together long enough, you start having signs of respect to each other. Thus or for any other reason, your spouse can avoid asking you directly and expecting you to know her/his wants. That is why listening is the key to avoiding dozens of problems. And it doesn’t take much to keep them smiling, either. All you have to do is paying attention to small “placeholders” concealed in the speech. For instance, if she keeps mentioning some comedian or a movie, or just anything, then it is no brainer that you should go and watch it together! Disregarding such signals trigger doubts and doubts turn into break ups. Not healthy.

4. Regular sex
Naturally, your sex curve shall decline downwards in one, five, twenty years (numbers are made up, but you get the idea). Still, a sexual intercourse is ought to happen regularly. Now that’s a tricky part because sex can’t get boring. Otherwise, it is as good as none. Although it is not the most important thing in the relationship, it is very vital. In fact, it correlates with the aforementioned sections. Get yourself a romantic dinner, add some forgotten magic to your life and you’ll feel much happier together. A regular occurrence of it is a must for you not to lose the appeal.

5. Financial secrets and talking business
Any relations don’t tolerate many secrets. The only secrets that are ok to have are personal data for social accounts. Hiding money (aka “lying about money”) may something normal in few couples but generally, it is an act of distrust. It goes without saying that once you became a couple, there should be no sitting on the fence. Either you fully commit and grow together or quit the relationship. Simple as that. Oh, and keep in mind that talking business all the time is not cool as well. To avoid plainly informational conversations about bills, taxes, etc. we again suggest you remembering what did you talk about during your first dates or honeymoon.