How To Create An Attention Grabbing Heading For Your Blog?

How To Create An Attention Grabbing Heading For Your Blog?

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Blogging has been an immensely popular activity among people of every age group be it a teenager exploring through new experiences and following his passion or a retired pensioner who gets deep thoughts in their free time. Every individual has a different motive behind writing a blog. Some write out of passion for a particular hobby or activity, some write to gain popularity while others write to earn some money. Whatever the reason behind your blogging is, it is imperative to attract readers and make efforts so that the blog reaches maximum number of people.


From among a number of strategies that bloggers adopt for maximum reach of their blogs, a very efficient one is to create a heading that grabs the attention of visitors. There are hundreds of blogs published each day and readers only pick a couple of them to read because of time constraints http://www.speedyessay.co.uk/essay-writing-service.php. The reason why headings are important is quite obvious: it is the first thing that readers observe as they scroll through the blogs! Therefore, you must spend considerable amount of time thinking about the best possible heading for the blogs you write. Following are a few tips that can help you create an attention grabbing heading:

  1. Avoid complex vocabulary: A common misconception among beginner writers is that readers are tempted to read their content only if the vocabulary is complex. In reality, the readers want to spend minimum time figuring out what a sentence means and this cannot happen if you use complex words and phrases. If the heading consists of complicated words, the readers ultimately believes that the entire content would be difficult to understand and hence they move forward. So try to keep the heading as simple as possible.
  2. Keep it short: Wordiness should not only be avoided within the body of the blog but also in the heading. Readers just skim through the headings and read the one that they find interesting. If your heading is very long that exceeds, say, eight words, they will probably skim through it without reading the whole heading. Since you want your heading to grab readers attention, keep it as short and concise as possible with simple vocabulary so that readers are willing to read it.
  3. Do not force keywords in the heading: In an attempt to improve SEO, bloggers often force the keywords in heading that ruins the attraction of the heading. Do not include keyword in the heading forcefully because that leads to a highly unattractive heading and the readers realize that you are focusing more on SEO than the quality of content. Only include keywords in the heading if it sounds smooth!
  4. Ask a question: The best way to begin a presentation is to ask a question because this strategy creates curiosity in the audiences’ mind. Similarly if you ask a question in the heading, the readers may get curious to know how you answered the question. However, the question must be structured carefully.

You can expect a higher reach of your blog if the topic is something related to current trending news. Readers are eager to read as much as possible on such hot topics and so it will surely grab the attention of readers.


  1. I love the post, though don't have alot of new content but it's unique. SEO is not a days job. If one wants to rank well, he will learn how to read every resource on SEO that comes his way.

    Heading is very important in SEO so, don't joke with this post