How to Get First Page Of YouTube

How to Get First Page Of YouTube

YouTube ignores the number of views as a ranking stat, they do this because too many people are buying views so it is no longer relevant. Just do any keyword search on YouTube, you will find some videos near the top with few views and subscribers and lots of videos down several pages with tons of views and subscribers. Getting top placement is all about video optimization. I have managed to get videos in position 1 on the first page for a keyword search with no views at all. just good optimization. Of course a good video that is optimized well and lands on the first page will naturally get a lot of views and subscribers, but that is not how it got to the top page.

Getting first page on youtube is not hard as goolge but going through right criteria is the most important thing. Number of views help people click on your video, and the more clicks/views you have the higher your ranking. The higher your rankings the more views you get. Together with increasing number of social bookmarks it is sort of a snowball effect.


In 2017, YouTube depends on various factors for ranking

  1. No of Visitors Subscribe , Like and Comment are still consider.
  2. Channel Authority is sometimes eliminated and we can see even the latest two months old video rank 1st in days.
  3. Title SEO oriented keywords which are in demand on Google Keyword Planner.
  4. Make Use of this Keyword in Description and Tags as Well.
  5. Description should have keywords researched in such a way that those are the most frequently searched on YouTube search bar.
  6. Make sure you "Say those Keywords" used in your SEO as primary keyword twice thrice in your video as well.
  7. Tags related to your videos at the same time related to latest happening issues as well.
  8. Make your YouTube Video more then 10 mins or more. Longer the video longer it will be its watch time and it will dominate as a whole.
  9. Make Your YouTube descriptions around 200 - 300 words.
  10. Its Social Media Precence on Twitter, FB, Reddit,etc.
  11. Backlinks do play a role for ranking on Google and YouTube Search.

YouTube ranking depends on the following criteria, in this order:

1) Views
2) Subscribers
3) Favorites
4) Likes
5) Comments

Additional Criteria:

- Video title
- Description
- Tags
- Number of incoming links
- Number of shares
- Age of video
- Number of playlist additions
- Flagging
- Number of embeds
- Channel views
- Number and quality of sites that host or point to your video

However, it is a combination of all of the above as well as your keyword research, backlinks and page optimization. Also, there is a lag on YouTube and sometime it takes more than a week to get to the first page.


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