How To Write a Blog Post Even When You Are Out Of Ideas

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Are you a professional writer or blogger?do you still find it difficult to write a blog post even when you are out of ideas?


Sometimes I myself find it pretty much tough when to come up with an idea when writing a blog post but am here to share with the things have learnt to made me over-come running out of blog topics too quickly,these are practicable ways to get new and fresh content for your blog.You know how much Google loves and cherish regularly updated blog?

So these are 7 simple ways to never run out of blog topics:

1. Visit Your Old Blog Post
Writing on a particular topic shouldn’t make you feel like you can’t get write about that topic again,they are other sub topics you can generate from that topics read through and get new ideas from it.

2. Let Others Write for You
This another best approach to help get new blog post,allow other bloggers in your niche to write for your blog.List your criteria for guest post bloggers who wishes to contribute to your blog and this will surely keep your blog updated at all cost.

3. Read other Writers
I personally use this method to get new idea for my blogger,mind you reading other writers doesn’t mean you should copy their writing style what works for him might work for you either,stay true to yourself.
Read some of their blog post and craft some meaningful topics for your blog with this method it will be easier for you to write on any blog post.

4. Read your Visitors Comment
This a professional tip am sharing with you now,sometimes analyzing your visitors comment is one of the best way to get new blog topic go through some of your blog post that has lots of comment and not only your blog comments,spy on other blog comments related to your niche. Let’s take an example, A visitor dropped a comment on your blog’How can I get traffic to my new blog? then you should consider writing on this as your next topic ‘How to drive massive traffic to your new blog’ boom! they you go,you have already generated a new blog post in due time.

5. Listen to Podcast
Listening to interesting podcast related to your blog niche is another secret way to get more ideas,as your listen to podcast some relevant word might pop out of the speaker’s mouth,which in turn gives you a better and more ideas to blog about it.

6. Check your Environment
This might sound or look funny to you but to me isn’t. have being using this method to get new blog topics for my blog.
Look around your surroundings what are those things that people need to run their online business more effectively,blog about the more this will not only get new ideas but will also generate more traffic and attract visitors to your blog.

7. Read a Lot
A man only learns in two ways,one by reading and the other by association with smarter people like Will Rogers Read books a lot to keep yourself updated with news and articles related to your niche,use Google trends and Google alert to know what’s going on in your niche.This will also give you idea for a new article.
If they is any other way to craft new blog topic that is included in this post please use the comment box and let’s relate!

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