How To Stop Wireless Hosted Network In Windows 10

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When setting up wireless Hosted Network in Windows 10 is not very hard, Microsoft doesn’t make very straightforward to remove the configurations setup whenever you wish to discard it.

Although using the ‘stop or disallow’ commands will only stop the wireless device from connecting to your windows 10  but it will not delete the entire Hosted Network setting in your windows 10. All you need to do is to modify the system registry.

NOTE: Before you proceed or change any settings on your windows 10, you need to make a complete backup of your files or system restore point before continuing his guilds because editing windows registry can be risky and dangerous that can cause some damage to your system if you don’t follow the steps well.
Be warned!!!

Step 1: Open the start menu on your windows 10 click search and input the word “regedit” click enter and open the program to enter the system registry



Step 2: Follow this following path in the registry


Right-click HostedNetworkSettings and select Delete, and click Yes to confirm deletion.



Step 3: Restart your system

Now you have successfully deleted the WLAN Hostednetwork.

To be sure of this, open your command prompt and input this:
NETSH WLAN show hostednetwork
You will notice that the settings is not configured.

If you need wireless hotspot settings again in future, kindly read How to turn your windows 10 to a wireless hostspot



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